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UFC 210 free full fight video: Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns 2

Before Anthony Johnson fights Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 210, watch Rumble’s December 2008 knockout win over Kevin Burns.

Anthony Johnson’s only TKO loss on his record came in July 2008 against Kevin Burns, whose masterful eye-poke game fooled Steve Mazzagatti into calling a DQ-worthy poke an actual TKO. Johnson’s appeal was unsuccessful, so the result still stands. Rumble got his revenge in the immediate rematch at the TUF 8 Finale later that December. Early in the final round, Johnson practically decapitated Burns with one of the most absurdly powerful head kicks in UFC history.

You can watch the video of welterweight Rumble at the top of the page. Here’s Brent Brookhouse’s play-by-play of the finish:

Round 3 - Jab by Johnson was stiff. Left hand by Johnson lands solid and looked like it hurt Burns and OH MY GOD! WHAT A HIGH KICK! BURNS IS OUT! Anthony Johnson wins by KO (head kick) round 3. Johnson with a beautiful KO!

Here’s how the BE community reacted to the KO:

Anthony Johnson’s days at 170 lbs are (mercifully) long gone, and you’ll be seeing him rematch Daniel Cormier for DC’s 205 lbs belt on Saturday, April 8th at UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York.

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