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Roufusport facing wrongful death lawsuit for 2014 death of Dennis Munson Jr.

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The family of Dennis Munson Jr. is filing a lawsuit against Roufusport for his death in 2014.

Duke Roufus by Esther Lin
Duke Roufus by Esther Lin

The family of late kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. is seeking justice for his 2014 death. They have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Roufusport, the promoters of the North American Fighting Championship where Munson fought under at the time of his death.

The 24-year-old Munson, who also trained under Duke Roufus at the Milwaukee academy, died due to complications from head trauma. After the incident, several former members of the team also spoke out against Roufus about supposed wrongful practices during training sessions.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Munson’s family filed the lawsuit on Tuesday at the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The suit was filed against promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe, coaches Joe Nicols and Scott Cushman, referee Al Wichgers, and ringside doctor Carlos Feliciano for allegedly “failing in their duty” to protect Munson in an amateur fight that was also unregulated.

Specifically, the complaint was directed at the promoters’ failure to require protective headgear for fighters to wear, and failure to put the action to a halt when Munson was visibly staggering around the ring throughout the fight.

As seen on the video above, the Journal Sentinel also broke down the major flaws on the part of the referee, ringside doctor, and cornermen, which was believed to have resulted in Munson’s eventual death.

Roufusport is deemed as one of the renowned academies in MMA today. They banner fighters such as current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, and Ben Askren, among others.