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Conor McGregor: We’re ‘very close’ to inking Floyd Mayweather fight deal

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Conor McGregor gave updates on the status of the much talked about boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

For the past months, both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have been at the center of talks of possibly fighting each other. According to a recent update from “The Notorious” himself, the deal to finalize the fight has been closer than ever.

“I’m ready. I look forward to it,” McGregor told IFL TV. “I’m excited and I’m prepared. We’re very close to inking it. I’m not going to say no more, we’re very close that’s it.”

With how things have developed between both camps, it looks like the much buzzed match-up is more inclined to happen than just to remain a fantasy freak show. Even UFC lightweight fighter Kevin Lee says he was tapped by the Mayweather camp to become one of Floyd Jr.’s training partners.

For his part, McGregor is unsurprisingly confident as ever, and is enjoying how most pundits are already counting him out and giving Floyd the ‘easy win.’

“F—k Floyd. Trust me, this whole boxing world don’t know what they’re going to see when I roll in here.”

“I’m unpredictable. Nobody knows what they’re in for,” McGregor said. “Everybody’s writing me off. They’re going to be in shock. Make no mistake about it.”

According to a FOX Sports report, if both camps come to agreement sooner than later, the fight would be scheduled for mid-September in Las Vegas.