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Royce Gracie open to Matt Hughes rematch: ‘Everybody wants to see this second fight’

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UFC Hall-of-Famer Royce Gracie is interested in a rematch against Matt Hughes, whom he fought almost 11 years ago.

MMA Press Conference Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

At 50 years of age, retiring from fighting is still far from Royce Gracie’s mind. After facing Ken Shamrock for a third time at Bellator 149 in February 2016, the UFC Hall-of-Famer is looking to resurrect another old match-up of his, this time against Matt Hughes.

"Man, that would be great. That would be great. Everybody wants to see this second fight,” Gracie told MMA Fighting.

The first time Gracie and Hughes fought was when both men headlined UFC 60 in May 2006. Gracie ended up being pounded to a first round stoppage.

The UFC 1 tournament winner admitted to being somewhat absent during the fight itself, and promises a different version of him if the does end up facing Hughes for a second time.

“The strategy was right. Everything we planned and imagined he would do, he did. But I wasn’t in the fight,” Gracie explained.

"I never stopped training, I never stopped working out. My body is in great shape, the machine is working. There’s only one way to find out (who would win): we have to do it again."

From his end, the 43-year-old Hughes also hinted about a possible return under Bellator, and indirectly pointed at Gracie as his opponent of choice.