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Ranked UFC lightweight says he will be helping Floyd Mayweather prepare for Conor McGregor

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A UFC lightweight on a four-fight win streak says he has been asked by Floyd Mayweather’s camp to help him get ready to fight Conor McGregor.

As a megafight between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather inches closer and closer to being completed, more details are coming to light about how this will all play out. Since it will be a boxing match, obviously McGregor is likely going to be working with some boxers to prepare. Interestingly though, it appears that Mayweather will be bringing in MMA fighters to help him get ready as well.

In a candid interview with Helen Yee of Eyes On The Game, UFC lightweight Kevin Lee revealed that he will likely be working with Floyd to get him ready for the bout:

"That fight with Floyd, it's going to happen. Floyd's management reached out to me a little while ago and asked me to be a part of the camp. So I'm excited to do that, I could use a couple bucks in my pocket, that's for sure.”

He then talked about McGregor and what will happen with him:

“It's a win-win situation for him. If he loses — which he's going to lose, he don't stand a chance in the fight — he knows it going in he's just there for the cash grab and then he'll come back and fight (Nate) Diaz, or he'll bump up and fight Tyron (Woodley), before he jumps down and messes with us real killers at 155. He ain’t stupid."

Lee, who is coming off a big win over Francisco Trinaldo earlier this month and currently sits at number 11 in the UFC’s 155-pound rankings, said that the fight is beneficial for MMA and very bad for boxing:

"It's great for MMA. It's a win-win for everybody, all things considered. As long as the UFC gets their cut. I think is the only thing holding them back is to negotiate the UFC's number, because I'm pretty sure the UFC's going to want a third.”


“But it's great for MMA, because it has no downside. It's horrible for boxing, I ain't gonna lie. And they're paying me, so I better...(laughs)...but it's horrible for boxing. I think it's going to kill the sport of boxing, but the money is too large to pass up."

“The Motown Phenom” also described some of the things McGregor might try in the fight, and when he can help Mayweather with going into the bout:

"Floyd isn't going to knock out Conor. Conor's a much bigger man. I expect Conor to come out and try to sling Floyd around a little bit in the clinch, try to wear him down. If things get too hectic about that seventh, eighth round, he might start — I don't know, he might start to rough him up with some elbows. I'm pretty sure Floyd's going to have us prepare him for that — being able to throw him around, and maybe even kick him a little bit. You never know.”