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KO’d fighter mistakes ref for opponent, forces him to tap out

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Everyone knows that being an MMA ref is a thankless job, but there’s thankless and then there’s just plain cruel.

The MMA world is a giving place. On any given week, at any given time, there’s very likely something crazy going on that will give you pause about what exactly it is you’re doing here. This week it’s video from a bout under KnockOut Promotions in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

KOP held their 54th event last week, featuring a number of regional prospects looking to get noticed and move forward with their MMA career. One such fighter, Joe Nehm dropped to 1-3 with a KO loss to the now 3-1 Ryse Brink. But he seems to have recaptured his momentum in a hurry, quickly picking up an RNC win over the referee who was trying to keep him from getting pummeled further.

You can see the video above (watch out for some salty language), where Nehm is quickly overwhelmed by a push kick to the face and a series of hard followup punches. The ref steps in and the fight is over... for everyone but Nehm, who quickly shot a double on the ref, moved to back mount and sunk in the rear naked choke. The ref tapped out, but Nehm eventually had to be pulled off by his corner as he was working entirely on automatic.

It seems only fair to bump Nehm’s record to 2-3 after that performance.