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Jeff Monson to face convicted murderer in next MMA fight

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The UFC veteran will face a fighter who served 14 years for murder.

Jeff Monson via M-1 Global

Jeff Monson’s next fight will be against a convicted felon who served time for murder.

According to, Monson is scheduled to face Maxim Novoselov in the ‘Clash of the Titans’ event on April 22 in Kursk, Russia. Novodelov, 44, is reportedly a European combat sambo champion with a 3-2 pro MMA record. He was sentenced to 14 years in 1993 but was released in 2004 on parole after serving 11 years. He was arrested again in 2012 on drug trafficking charges before being released in April 2016.

The controversial bout will mark Monson’s 87th professional MMA fight and he plans on approaching it like all other bouts throughout his career.

"Jeff isn't concerned that he's going up against an ex-con,” Monson’s representative Marshall Comins told BloodyElbow. “Doing time has never been a precondition for being a gifted or an accomplished fighter. Besides, it's no secret that Jeff himself isn't the most law-abiding citizen."

While rumours have circulated regarding the 46-year-old UFC veteran’s potential retirement, Comins confirmed that this will “unlikely to be Jeff's final MMA fight.”