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Joe Duffy discusses past opponent Conor McGregor’s chances against Floyd Mayweather

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Joe Duffy, who is a former boxer and a past opponent of Conor McGregor, discussed the UFC champ’s chances against Floyd Mayweather.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Duffy vs Madadi Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Countless pundits have already discussed the chances — or lack thereof — of Conor McGregor as he looks to have a boxing match booked against Floyd Mayweather. While the two-division UFC champ has screamed and vowed to make everyone “eat your words”, it hasn’t actually changed much of people’s perspectives.

Joseph Duffy is another personality has an interesting perspective. Not only has the UFC star faced and beaten Conor McGregor in the past, at one point in his career, he also shifted to boxing where he went 7-0 in a short span.

While Duffy has this somewhat unique perspective, his opinion didn’t quite differ from most when he spoke about his fellow Irish star’s chances in the ring.

“I think in combat sports, there’s always a puncher’s chance,” Duffy said during an appearance at the MMA Hour. “In MMA, boxing, there’s always that puncher’s chance.”

Apart from that, he doesn’t give Conor much of a shot in anything. McGregor proudly boasts about his size, reach, and power advantage, but Duffy believes that’s nothing Mayweather hasn’t seen before.

“I feel that Floyd is probably used to getting in there with bigger hitters than Conor. Boxers, them boxers really do hit (hard),” he said.

“On the scorecards, I really feel it’s a landslide towards Floyd. He’s one of the best of all time. How he made Pacquiao look — and Pacquiao is one of the best boxers we’ve seen in a long time — I think that just proves the level he’s at. Canelo’s probably a bigger hitter than Conor, (look) how he boxed him.

“It’s different. It takes a while to get into that sport, and to get up to par. I think if he pursued boxing for a long time, he could’ve done very well, definitely, but Floyd has been doing this since he was a child. I really just can’t see it going any other way.”

Duffy submitted fellow Irish star McGregor back in 2010. He is now 17-2 in his MMA career, recently completing his UFC contract and heading into free agency with a pair of quality victories.