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Tweet of the Day: Covington leaks ‘emails’ of Rafael dos Anjos

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Colby Covington has gone through great lengths to joke about the Rafael dos Anjos and almost every star on the UFC roster.

UFC 190 Weigh-in Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Since former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos announced a move to welterweight, Colby Covington has been calling him out on social media, asking him to be his debut fight.

Dos Anjos thinks that Covington, who is 6-1 in the UFC, is just trying to make a name for himself, so he shut him down in a brief exchange on twitter.

Sometime after, Covington once again took to social media to call out Dos Anjos, this time, by what seems to be an incredibly time consuming joke about the former champion and almost every major star in the UFC roster.

On his long and elaborate joke, he claims to have accessed the former champion’s emails which shows dialog with dozens of UFC fighters and personalities.

Covington is 11-1 overall in his MMA career, winning his last 3 bouts in the UFC. While it may be doubtful that he lands this marquee match up, I can’t really blame the talented ATT product for taking his shot.