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UFC London interview: Bamgbose gets verbose on Breese for ‘all that trash talk’

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UFC middleweight Oluwale Bamgbose spoke with Bloody Elbow ahead of his UFC London bout with Tom Breese to discuss his one-of-a-kind style, short notice opportunities, and what’s to come of Breese for talking smack.

UFC middleweight prospect Oluwale Bamgbose is headed to Europe for his first time, to throwdown with Tristar-trained Brit, Tom Breese, at UFC Fight Night 107 in London, England this Saturday. Before breaking for Great Britain, Mr. Bamgbose spoke with Bloody Elbow about his unique fighting style, the scouting report on himself, and tells us how he really feels about his UFC London opponent, Mr. Breese.

All of your wins came in the first round and under 3:30; how would you describe your style?

“I’m just one of those types, man. I like to fight, and when I fight, I bring it. Sometimes you don’t plan it. Ideally, you’d like to go in and out, but sometimes you’re faced with a tough cookie. You got to spread out the energy, and gameplan, and strategy. Overall, I do my best to showcase my best, number 1, and number 2, to win. So, sometimes it just releases the fireworks, you know?”

“I’ve been so connected to MMA, and connected to a few martial arts, that I’ve been able to come up with my own style. Not a lot of fighters can say that, but I can. I love this sport so much, and invested so much into it, that now I literally create moves, which is amazing.”

Short notice debut against Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night 73:

“My first fight was against a veteran with only a week-and-a-half preparation. Uriah Hall is no joke, but at the same time, he’s not as dangerous as say #10 or #15 in my 185 UFC division, but he’s to be respected. I wish I had more time to prepare for him, but I didn’t, and it is what it is. I did what I could, but I didn’t really fight him, knowing my strengths. After my fight with him, I realized that I’m actually faster than him. Oh, wow. After I look at the footage, I was like ‘oh man.’”

“Inside the fight, I’m not going to lie, nerves got the best of me. In my mind, I was like, ‘wow, I’m actually fighting Uriah Hall right now.’ I mean, I’ve sparred with him before, but to actually fight him in front of that capacity crowd, it was pretty intense. I’m not going to lie. It was my first big fight, first big show.”

What did you change for your second UFC showing?

“My second fight, I told myself, ‘who cares about being nervous, who cares about who’s in front of you? Get the job done; get the job done.’ That’s what I did my second time around.”

Kicking Daniel Sarafian in the head and finishing him with punches in 1 minute flat:

“This is what guys are going to have to worry about. I’m a man of trial and error. If you try something and it works, dude, continue. If you try something and it doesn’t, don’t do it again. For me, I realized that my style is actually really effective. My style of creating and just doing moves that fighters are not used to, should be something that I should continue, that I have to continue, that I will continue.”

Fighting Cezar Ferreira on 7-days notice at UFC on FOX 19:

“It was an opportunity that was presented to me. I wish it was a better opportunity, but hey, it was the available opportunity that was presented to me.”

What did it feel like going the full 15 minutes for the first time?

“It was descent. I wish it would have felt a little better, but my first 15 minute, my first 3-rounder in the UFC. It was intense, but I’m glad I felt it because now I know what it feels like. I can’t wait to go to the later rounds, if that’s where it goes.”

What is the scouting report on Oluwale Bamgbose?

“The scouting report on me is that oh, he only has standup, or he doesn’t have a gas tank. Well, he has another thing coming. If you think that I only have standup, you’re going to have a rude awakening. If you think that I don’t have a gas tank or cardio, I didn’t make it this far because I have flaws. Even if I did have flaws, like I didn’t make the necessary arrangements to correct them. That’s my job as a fighter: to adapt, to get better. I can’t wait to show all that I’ve improved.”

Traveling to London for UFC Fight Night 107:

“I’m excited, man. It’s my first time in Europe, London specifically. It’s an honor to fight for the UFC in Europe, in London. It’s a huge opportunity for me to gain a new fanbase, to get my name out there, to get my style out there, and to let people know, I’m coming.”

Shoot the breeze on UFC London opponent Tom Breese:

“To be honest, man, I believe that he’s cocky. He’s a good fighter, you know. His record speaks for itself, but he’s not the only good fighter, great fighter out there. I don’t know if you heard about it, but he was talking smack about him being ‘levels above me.’ For me, it’s interesting because I know the caliber of fighters that I’ve fought. Those fights were better than his, with the fighters that he’s fought in the UFC, so far.”

“So, he’s got to realize that he’s going to get that heat. He’s going to get that pressure, that intensity. Everything that relates to my experiences that I’ve gained, so far in the UFC, with the high level opponents that I faced, the bigger opponents that I faced. He will feel it. At the end of the day, fighting someone as tall as him is not new to me, but I’m pretty sure the first type of fighter that he’s fought in the UFC that presents my type of style; speed, power, etc. I watched video on him. I saw a lot of the guys he fought. He seemed to have many advantages, but let’s see if he is going to figure out that there’s no advantage against me.”

“All that trash talk he mentioned about being levels above me, I’m going to definitely test it. I have no choice. You will get my best, Tom Breese, and I’m positive you’re not going to be able to handle it, and that’s that. You brought out my best, you’re going to get it.

You have no clue what kind of monster you’re facing. I’m a monster, man; I’m a beast. It is what it is.”

You’re nobody else, but yourself in the cage:

“Yeah, you train with great fighters, but I have too. Just because you train with great fighters, it doesn’t mean that you’re them. Just because I train with great fighters, it doesn’t mean I’m them. You’re you when you’re in that cage. You’re nobody else, but yourself.”

Watch Oluwale Bamgbose vs. Tom Breese at UFC Fight Night 107 in London, England this Saturday. The Exclusive Fight Pass Prelims begin at 1:30 P.M. ET and will spill over into the main card at 5:00 P.M. ET, all on UFC Fight Pass. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of your UFC event coverage including interviews, play-by-play, highlights, and more!