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Video: BJJ champ Mackenzie Dern improves to 3-0 in MMA

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Watch Mackenzie Dern improve her MMA record to 3-0.

Decorated BJJ champion Mackenzie Dern fought again in mixed martial arts on Friday night. The popular fighter took on Katherine Roy at LFA 6, and Dern managed to get more cage-time, going the full 15 minutes to win a decision.

With the victory, Dern improved to 3-0 in her young MMA career that started just 8 months ago. Roy dropped to 1-1.

Dern, who missed weight but pulled off a rare omoplata-rear naked choke submission on her last bout, competed in a catchweight for this most recent bout. They fought 5 lbs above the strawweight limit for this contest.

Watch highlights on the video above, along with other snippets from the bout below.

Dern recently admitted that despite what Ronda Rousey did for Women’s MMA, she was never an inspiration for her because of her personality. The 23-year-old prospect says she plans on being “bigger”, and surpass what Rousey accomplished in the sport.