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Anderson Silva wants fighters to organize: This is important for the future of MMA

Former UFC champ Anderson Silva spoke about the need to have a fighters’ association or union.

There have been multiple efforts for fighters to organize, and while a lot of these orgs have seen progress as of late, they have yet to gather the majority of the athletes to make a truly significant mark in the sport. It’s been a hot button topic as of late, with more and more fighters starting to be more vocal about it.

Anderson Silva is the latest to discuss the matter, saying that having a fighters’ association or union would be crucial for MMA’s future.

“This is important. This sport has (become) more professional, outside, so for me this is important,” Silva said during a UFC 208 media scrum. “Sometimes the guys don’t (express correctly) how much this sport needs to change, for unions and this. The fighters need to come and stay together, so this sport would become better and better.”

While not currently a member of groups like the MMAFA or the MMAAA, Silva says he’s more than willing to start a discussion with these groups who are trying to organize fighters.

“It’s very important. This is the future of the sport. I have a good relationship with all fighters. I have a good relationship with my company, the UFC. But this is important for fighters, and for this sport to be better. This is my personal opinion.”

Late last year, Silva has expressed disappointment with the “lack of respect from the UFC towards Brazilian athletes.”