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Anderson Silva: Superfight with GSP or McGregor is ‘good for this sport’

Anderson Silva is insistent on taking a fight against either Georges St-Pierre or Conor McGregor.

Silva weigh in - Esther/MMAFighting

Just a few years ago, Anderson Silva was at the forefront of conversations about taking on “super ights”, whether it was in the UFC or otherwise. Today, he no longer holds the same aura of invincibility, but he feels he is still worthy of being considered for high-profile matches.

Recently, he has repeatedly brought up Conor McGregor’s name as someone he intends to face down the line. Silva did clarify that he will be doing it for the “martial arts challenge” more than anything else.

Aside from McGregor, Silva is also hoping that a fight between him and Georges St-Pierre finally happens, especially since it is a matchup that has also been highly talked about in the past.

“I think superfight with Georges is great,” Silva told FOX Sports. “It’s a big step for this sport because I think superfight with me and Georges St-Pierre or Conor McGregor is good for this sport and for the fans. I think (it would be) the best show for this sport.”

Currently, Silva is not in the running for the next title shot, as he faces Derek Brunson at UFC 208 this Saturday in Brooklyn. At 41 years of age, “The Spider” is not yet looking to walk away from competition any time soon, but he has given himself a rough estimate on how much longer he plans to keep on fighting.

“I think five more years. Maybe. My wife and kids would kill me but maybe three or four more years.”