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Watch: Nick Diaz’s complete interview on Double-G News with Snoop Dogg

Nick Diaz still doesn’t have a return date to the Octagon, but he’s been out making the media rounds, in his own way.

Ronda Rousey may have the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Connor McGregor may have Late Night with Conan O’Brien, but Nick Diaz has GGN (also known as Double-G Hood News). The former UFC title contender and Strikeforce Champion made a recent appearance on Snoop Dogg’s talk show to talk about his fighting career and other interests.

They touched on what Nick would do if he wasn’t a fighter, what Diaz does in his spare time, how he got into MMA, and of course, his suspension.

“The thing is, I never got... I never tested positive for it,” Diaz said. “And that was the verdict, in the end. Because, you know, when you go and you make an appeal and it's like, okay... So in the end was, ‘Oh, you filled out the application wrong.’ And I said, ‘Well, you know, last time I filled out the application right...’ I was supposed to fight Eddie Alvarez way back. Eddie Alvarez is about to fight that Conor McGregor right now. I was supposed to fight him way back when I was in lightweight, in Strikeforce. And I filled out the appication wrong, and so Armando Garcia, who's the lead dude of the NSAC back then, he pulled me from the card. He did a whole bunch of crazy stuff, I think they got rid of his ass.

“They pulled me because I put, ‘What'd you do in the last month?’ I was like, ‘Well, this is out of competition, but...’ And so I was like, okay I'm going to test, but I'm under the limit. So, to me, that's all kind of a scam, but whatever.”

Nick even gave a shout out to his favorite fighter... Carlos Condit (no joke). “Stylistically though, I always liked Carlos Condit, because he amounted to at least somewhat of the level of doing what I do,” Diaz explained.

Check out the whole thing above and keep your eye out for Nick Diaz as he finds more ways to express his love of MMA... and other things: