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UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today's UFC event in Houston, which is headlined by a featherweight fight between Dennis Bermudez and the returning Chan Sung Jung.

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring and play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie goes down in Houston.

The headliner will see featherweight veteran Dennis Bermudez taking on Chan Sung Jung in the Korean Zombie's first fight in well over three years.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass broadcast at 7pm ET/4pm PT. They will move to FS1 at 8pm for four prelims fights, and stay there for the main card's six fights starting at 10pm ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week's MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on the each match up.

Daniel Jolly vs. Khalil Rountree

Round 1 - Timid pace early. Rountree in on a takedown but it is rebuffed. Jolly tries his own now. They jockey for position, and Rountree cracks him with a knee. He goes down and another lands. The fight is over just like that. Wow.

Khalil Rountee defeated Daniel Jolly by KO (knees), :52 of round 1

Alex Morono vs. Niko Price

Round 1 - Low kick from Price. Lots of movement, not a lot of strikes. Morono misses with a combo. Morono with a nice counter right. Price with an outside leg kick. He missed with a head kick. Price with a counter right that spins Morono around. More kicks. Moron scores with a counter left hook that dropped Price as he was throwing a kick. He followed it up with a hard right. Superman punch. Price looks settled back in. Counter straight right and a body kick from Price. Left scores for Morono. Price just misses wit ha head kick again. Spinning back fist and a left drops Price again! The horn goes to save him though. 10-9 Price.

Round 2 - Inside leg kick from Price. Nice counter combo. Price is trying to land a front kick but Morono keeps catching it. Morono with his own combo that ends with a thudding straight right. Hard outside leg kick from Morono. Price lannds with a left and he comes forward. Morono resets and lands a jab and a body shot. Price with a hard body kick. Morono with a sweet two-punch combo and a head kick. Price connects with a winging right. Hard counter body shot from Morono. Price tied him up and landed some knees. Price with a right hook and Morono slipped. Price telegraphs a spinning backfist and it got blocked. Price with an uppercut. Counter right from Morono. Both men look a bit tired. Morono with a 1-2 and a nice uppercut. They're brawling now! Price leveled Morono at the horn! Late shot after the bell Morono is done!

Niko Price defeated Alex Morono by KO (punches), 5:00 of round 2

Bec Rawlings vs. Tecia Torres

Round 1 - Torres with a short combo. Another nice combo as she comes forward. Hard body kick from Torres. She has a definite speed advantage over Rawlings here. Three-punch combo and a leg kick. Left hook and outside leg kick. Rawlings can't get much going. Rawlings ducks a head kick. Counter left from Rawlings. Torres with a straight left. Hard low kick from Torres. Knees in the clinch from Rawlings. Torres with a jab and follows it up with a right hook. Leg kick from Rawlings. Torres with a body kick. Rawlings with a jab. 10-9 Torres.

Round 2 - Rawlings charges forward immediately. Right hook from Rawlings. Torres can't get a takedown and Rawlings turned it around on her, putting her down on the mat. Rawlings trying to control her legs as she looks to take the back. They stalled out jockeying for position against the cage. They finally separate and brawl for a few seconds before Bec went for a head-and-arm throw. Torres shucked it off and took her back though, with one hook. Rawlings is fighting off the second hook but Torres eventually got full back control. Torres looked for an arm-triangle choke, then an armbar. But the horn went. 10-9 Torres.

Round 3 - Front kick from Rawlings. Torres with a short counter right. Rawlings just flipped off the crowd? That was weird. Torres with a short right and an outside leg kick that threw Rawlings off balance. Nice jab from Bec. Torres with some body work. Rawlings tied her up against the cage. Torres reverses and Rawlings slipped as Torres was throwing a knee. Torres dragged her down and took her back. They get back up in the last ten seconds and Torres chews up her lead leg some more. 10-9 and 30-27 Torres. Clear as day.

Tecia Torres defeated Bec Rawlings by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ricardo Lucas Ramos vs. Michinori Tanaka

Round 1 - They're at archery range so far. Ramos is missing with kicks. Ramos finally landed an outside leg kick and a right. Tanaka with a taekdown, but Ramos got up right away. They jockey for position in the clinch against the cage. Ramos with a nice knee on the break. Tanaka slipped while he was throwing a punch. Ramos tried to kick him on the ground but missed. Ramos with a right hook on the button as Tanaka charged in! Ramps is pounding away. Tanaka gets back up but immediately gets dropped again! Ramos with some elbows but he's back up again. He's not all there though. Circling, trying to get his bearings again. Tanaka circled for 45 seconds and the round ended. Seems like Ramos let him off the hook a bit there. 10-8 Ramos.

Round 2 - Slow start to round two. Tanaka with a jab. Tanaka looking for a takedown. Nice elbow in the clinch from Ramos. Tanaka ends up on his back. Ramos immediately moved to mount and effortlessly secured an arm. Tanaka is stacking him up and defending. Tanaka moves him over to the cage looking to land some punches. He steps over into mount briefly but Ramos shakes him off. Ramos gets back to his feet with 1:20 to go but Tanaka still has him tied up. Nice scramble sees Ramos on top briefly but Tanaka quickly got up. Lead right from Ramos. 10-9 Ramos.

Round 3 - Tanaka looking for an early takedown but can't get it. Ramos looking to clinch up but Tanaka popped him with some jabs to maintain distance. Inside leg kick from Tanaka. Tanaka rips to the body. Three-punch combo. Ramos is chasing him but not landing anything. Tanaka warned by referee Herb Dean for timidity. Kind of strange considering Ramos isn't throwing anything. Hard outside leg kick from Tanaka. Ramos shot in but he's easily avoided. Tanaka with a combo and gets a takedown. Ramos looking for a guillotine. Tanaka popped his head out and opened up with some rights to the horn. 10-9 Tanaka, but 29-27 Ramos.

Ricardo Ramos defeated Michinori Tanaka by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Chas Skelly

Round 1 - Skelly with a lead uppercut and a knee to the jaw. He's looking for a takedown. Can't get it against the cage but clubs Gruetzemacher with two elbows. Skelly with a jab, Gruetzemacher with the counter. Skelly with a takedown against the cage. Skelly takes the back and but can't sink hooks. Gruetzemacher regains full guard. He's slapping Skelly from the bottom. 10-9 Skelly.

Round 2 - Skelly with a couple of jabs and connects with two rights. Body shots. Gruetzemacher with a body shot. Skelly with another takedown against the cage. Once again he has the back but can't secure hooks. Gruetzemacher landing elbows to the side of Skelly's head. The ref is oddly warning Gruetzemacher for 12-6 elbows but they weren't at all. Skelly gets a hook and immediately gets an arm under the chin. Squeezy time. Tappy time.

Chas Skelly defeated Chris Gruetzemacher by submission (rear naked choke), 2:01 of round 2

Curtis Blaydes vs. Adam Milstead

Round 1 - Blaydes with a huge takedown right away. Suplex. Wow, Blaydes is just ragdolling Milstead here. He's not beating him up or anything, but he's suplexing him all over the cage. Knees to the butt, as his corner asked  for. Milstead looks like he's hurt. Blaydes with some rights to the dome. More knees. Milstead is stuck. He gets to his feet and just gets dragged down again. Now he's finally established full closed guard. He pushed Blaydes away and Blaydes let him up. Nice left jab from Blaydes, and another monster takedown. More punches from the back. 10-8 Blaydes.

Round 2 - Blaydes goes for another takedown and kicks out Milstead's injured leg. And his knee just popped out. THAT WAS GROSS. Obviously the fight is over.

Curtis Blaydes defeated Adam Milstead by TKO (injury), :59 of round 2

Jessica Andrade vs. Angela Hill

Round 1 - Hill doesn't touch gloves. Straight right from Hill. Hill moving on the outside. Andrade rushes forward and clubs Hill. Nice short right from Hill. Andrade bringing big pressure. Both land hard rights. Nice knee from Hill, Andrade responded with a knee up the middle. Andrade backed her against the fence and lands an elbow. Hill kicking back. Andrade opens up with a huge combo. Hill took it and circled out. More pressure. Hill gets the Thai clinch and lands a knee. Winging right from Hill. She's handling the pressure well. Her chin is, anyway. Andrade with a three-punch combo. Digging to the body. They trade rights. Andrade clubs her against the cage again. Nice knee but Andrade is relentless. 10-9 Andrade.

Round 2 - Inside leg kick from Andrade. And again. Hill looking to jab. Andrade goes body head. Hill tries to tie her up but Andrade is still pressing. She finally grabs her and lands a big knee. Andrade is bleeding from it. Big knee from Andrade. She chases Hill clear across the cage throwing strikes. Front kicks from Hill. Left to the body from Andrade. Andrade lands seven rights in a row and Hill just takes it and kicks her back. She's double tough. A right, and now left from Hill. Andrade with ANOTHER huge shot and it doesn't even faze her. Andrade scoops a single and takes it to the floor. Andrade takes her back and looks to sink a choke. Hill tried to get up and just  got tossed back to the mat. Elbows from the bottom from Hill. 10-9 Andrade.

Round 3 - Andrade cornered Hill and a hockey fight breaks out! They're both just throwing with reckless abandon. That was awesome. Both landed some big shots. Hill goes back to range and threw some jabs. Andrade went back to the body. Andrade is still walking her down, but the pace has slowed since that huge exchange to start the round. Andrade with a huge shot and she's throwing mad combinations. Hill circles out, and drops Andrade with a straight left! It may have been a slip, but it ignited the crowd. Andrade popped right back up and clubbed Hill. Knee. More knees to the body in the clinch. Andrade with a left hook. I have no idea how Angela Hill is conscious. And not even hurt. Hill covers up in the corner from an Andrade assault and fires back. Andrade with four more rights. Hill is tired now, throwing a bit sloppily. Another knee and more body work. Andrade is relentless. 10-9 and 30-27 Andrade. Tough to top that for fight of the night.

Jessica Andrade defeated Angela Hill by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marcel Fortuna vs. Anthony Hamilton

Round 1 - They trade hands quickly. Fortuna with an inside leg kick. Hamilton looking for the KO shot immediately. Fortuna is cut over the eye, likely from an accidental headbutt. Knee to the body from Fortuna in the clinch. Hamilton with a right and Fortuna circles out. Herb Dean is getting the doctor in to look at the cut. That's really nasty, but it's not affecting his vision, so they're letting it go on. Fortuna cracked Hamilton and buckled his legs! He stayed up though and looks okay. Huge right sleeps Hamilton! WALK OFF KO!

Marcel Fortuna defeated Anthony Hamilton by KO (punch), 3:10 of round 2

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Ovince Saint Preux

Round 1 - OSP with a leg kick. Oezdemir responds in kind. Oezdemir pretty aggressive early. Head kick blocked. Oezdemir calls him in and attacks. He's not lacking in confidence. OSP cracks him with a left. Oezdemir looking for a takedown, but not getting much of anywhere. Both land big shots in close, and Oezdemir backs off. Hard outside leg kick from Oezdemir. Oezdemir batters OSP against the cage. OSP tied him up. 10-9 Oezdemir.

Round 2 - Saint Preux with a strong left . Oezdemir pressures again and lands an overhand right. OSP drops down for a takedown attempt. And gets it, briefly. Inside leg kicks from Oezdemir. OSP just throwing one shot at a time. The crowd is unhappy with the slowdown in action. OSP with a left and he backs up his opponent. Oezdemir backs OSP up again. They trade outside leg kicks. The pace has definitely slowed. Inside uppercut from Saint Preux. 10-9 Oezdemir.

Round 3 - Oezdemir backs OSP up and cracks him against the cage immediately. OSP landed a right hook. Saint Preux looking for a takedown but can't get anything going. He does land a knee to the body and a right hook. Overhand left from OSP. Oezdemir is gassed. OSP is still letting himself get pushed around the cage though. He did land a nice straight right and a two-punch combo right after that. Two lefts for Saint Preux. OSP digs to the body with two big shots. Nice left hook. Oezdemir responds with a knee in close and a left. OSP with some huge shots now! He's all over him, but Oezdemir is staying up. He looks half out on his feet but the the horn went! Wow. 10-9 OSP, but I have it 29-28 Oezdemir. It'll come down to the second round.

Volkan Oezdemir defeated Ovince Saint Preux by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Abel Trujillo vs. James Vick

Round 1 - A lot of staring at each other to start. They both miss with punches. Trujillo with a reaching jab. Vick misses with an uppercut. Head kick from Vick. Trujillo backs him into the fence and slams him to the mat. He landed a few punches, but Vick got back up and they spent an extended period of time against the fence. Nice combo and body kick from Vick. Trujillo fires back with his own leg kick. Vick charges in with a big right that stuns Trujillo. He immediately goes for a takedown but Vick threatens with a guillotine. Horn sounds. 10-9 Vick.

Round 2 - Hard left hook from Trujillo. Outside leg kick from Vick. Trujillo wit ha big right. He caught Vick trying to jump in with a flying knee. Trujillo really reaching with his shots on the taller fighter. He charges in for a takedown attempt, but can't get it. Two rights from Vick. Uppercut and big knee from Vick. Vick with a takedown now. That was a surprise. He's looking for a D'Arce choke and has it secured. Trujillo really fighting it. He still has it. Flipped Trujillo onto his back. Finally Vick let it go, but Trujillo is still getting his wits about him. So Vick went right back to it. Trujillo got up though. 10-9 Vick.

Round 3 - Vick landed a huge knee just a few seconds in! Trujillo retreats all the way across the cage, but catches Vick with a big left as he waded in. He landed another and got the takedown. Vick secured the D'Arce yet again though, and this time Abel was stuck. He tapped out.

James Vick defeated Abel Trujillo by submission (D'Arce choke), round 3

Alexa Grasso vs. Felice Herrig

Round 1 - Herrig closes  the distance. Grasso kicks the outside and inside of the lead leg. Right connects for Herrig. Grasso not throwing hands much to start. Jumping switch kick from Grasso connects but she slipped. Herrig jumped on her but Grasso went for a heel hook right away. Herrig bailed right away. Back to the kicking game for Grasso. Herrig landing glancing rights. Nice combo by Herrig. Nice step-in straight left from Grasso, but Herrig tags her back. Another nice combo. Grasso with an inside leg kick. Straight right from Grasso connects. They brawl to the horn, with Grasso landing a nice knee to the gut. Close, but I'll go 10-9 Grasso.

Round 2 - Herrig connects flush with a right for the first time. And again. Inside leg kick from Grasso. Grasso misses with some spinning kicks. Kick to the body from Herrig. Grasso not throwing much. Herrig wades in and lands the right again. Herrig goes to the body. Outside leg kick from Grasso. Very nice counter right hook from Herrig. Body kick from Grasso. They both land in tight but Herrig landed harder. Grasso landed a kick right as Herrig shot in. She got a takedown though. Easy 10-9 Herrig.

Round 3 - Side kick from Grasso. Inside leg kick from Grasso. Herrig jabbing. Grasso with a nice combo. Herrig shoots in, takes her down, they somersault, and Herrig still ends up on top. She goes right to mount but Grasso deftly escapes. Right for Grasso. They both jab. Herrig with the right. Grasso with a body/head combo. Outside leg kick. They both miss in the clunch. Grasso emphatically stuffs a Herrig shot. Grasso starting to open up a lot more. Grasso clubbed her at the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Grasso on my card.

Felice Herrig defeated Alexa Grasso by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Dennis Bermudez vs. Chan Sung Jung

Round 1 - Bermudez with a winging right. Zombie fires a counter right  back. Zombie looking for a takedown. Bermudez with a knee on the break. Bermudez cracks him with a right. Zombie clinches. Bermudez goes body/head and shoots for a takedown. Zombie stuffs it and whiffs on a spinning backfist. Stiff straight left from Bermudez. Stuffs another shot. Jung with the left, Bermudez with the right. Zombie cracks him with a right uppercut and Bermudez is down! Follow-up punches and THE KOREAN ZOMBIE IS BACK IN STYLE!

Chan Sung Jung defeated Dennis Bermudez by TKO (strikes), round 1