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Fight to Win Pro 24 results: Tonon beats Agazarm by decision

Garry Tonon defeats AJ Agazarm in the black belt gi main event at Fight to Win Pro 24.

Garry Tonon defeated AJ Agazarm via decision
Callum Medcraft / Jiu Jitsu Style

Fans of Fight to Win Pro were in for a surprise with Fight to Win Pro 24, as changes to the card created an opportunity for Garry Tonon to face AJ Agazarm in a black belt gi match. In fact, a number of fights were changed due to last minute replacements. Even as a late notice replacement, Tonon and Agazarm gave fans a match to see that ended via decision with “The Lion Killer” earning the win.

In the days before the match, Tonon and Agazarm continued their trash talking, which has become customary from both men. Right from the start it was clear that this was going to be an intense bout as both men jockeyed for the advantage. Tonon would attack first with a kneebar but Agazarm fought it off, making sure everyone knew he wasn’t going to submit.

Tonon wouldn’t stop there, as he kept attacking from various positions including a kimura, armbar, and attempting a kneebar again. Agazarm had his moments, as he not only passed Tonon’s guard but ended up in the mount position. However, he was unable to threaten the New Jersey native while in that position. When time ended, Tonon walked away with a unanimous decision victory.

This fight came together at the last minute as both Agazarm’s and Tonon’s original opponents were forced off of the card. Tonon agreed to take the fight in the gi, making this his first gi fight in an extended period of time.

“I didn’t do as well as I would have hopped. Some of the tricks with the gi are definitely things I was not ready for. To say that you can take the gi off and do just the same, guys it’s a whole different world,” Tonon said in an interview with Flo Grappling. “I felt like I did my job, I went for submission holds and tried to be as exciting as possible. I broke his leg, he didn’t tap, kudos to him, I would have tapped. I have no business being in a gi.”

The other two big name bouts included wins for Joao Assis and Edwin Najmi. Assis became the heavyweight no-gi champion with a win over Mikey Perez, who replaced Jeff Monson. While Najmi defeated Nathan Mendelsohn, who replaced DJ Jackson, to become the welterweight gi champion. Fight to Win Pro 24 replay is available via Flo Grappling.

Black Belt Results

Garry Tonon defeated AJ Agazarm via decision

Joao Assis defeated Michael Perez via decision

Edwin Najmi defeated Nathan Mendelsohn via decision

Kevin Berbrich defeated Cleber Luciano via split decision (fight of the night)

Brian Mendez defeated Noah Tills via disqualification (reaping)

Chad George defeated Rey De Leon via split decision

Rodrigo Antunes defeated Omar Sabha via split decision

Felipe Fogolin defeated Fernando Machado via guillotine (submission of the night)

Jason Youseph defeated Ryan Robinson via split decision

William Wheeler defeated PJ Montano via decision

Brown Belt Results

Kevin Crane defeated Sid Skrob via decision (fight of the night)

Marvin Castelle defeated Darby Faulkner via heel hook (submission of the night)

Kauan Barboza defeated Drew Sklov via decision

Josh Smith defeated Morgan Smith via decision

Ricky Lule defeated Cole Franson via decision

Catherine Fuhro Perret defeated Tara White via decision

Purple Belt results

Connor Donaldson defeated Kevin Melendez via triangle (submission of the night)

Richard Arreola defeated Steven Calderon via decision

Andrew Lopez defeated Wes Jarrell via split decision

Tyson Blair defeated Clarence Chaney via armbar

Eric Medina defeated Abner Cifurentes via bow-and-arrow choke

Albert Tapia defeated Hunter Robichaux via decision (fight of the night)

David Augustine Fraser defeated Myles Moudy via decision

Andrew Ryan Murillo defeated Kevin Melendez via decision

Teen Results

Tainan Dalpra defeated Joao Capociama via brabo choke (submission of the night)

Liam Moss defeated Juno Lucero via decision

Jacob Kassama defeated Andrew Kisselbug via decision (fight of the night)