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Covington calls out ‘scared’ Dong Hyun Kim, says Warlley Alves rematch is ‘easy money’

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Colby Covington discusses his latest string of injuries, when he plans on getting back into the cage, and ranked welterweights not wanting to fight him.

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After his third straight victory — a dominant unanimous decision over Bryan BarberenaColby Covington revealed he tore his MCL four weeks ahead of that Dec. 17 bout and training was very, very limited. Although he has found lots of success inside the cage over the past year, injuries have taken a toll on him.

To add onto the already hurt knee, Covington suffered an injury during the Barberena fight – and did not care to provide details surrounding it. Ever since his last outing at UFC on FOX 22, the former college wrestler has been focused on recovery.

“I actually got another injury in the fight, which I won’t talk about because I don’t want people to know about it, but there was another injury that has kind of kept me out for about two months,” Covington told’s The MMA Circus. “So that’s what I’m doing now.”

Covington expects to be back to full training within approximately a week, but he said that his most recent string of injuries did not sideline him completely.

“I’m always training, whether I’m training my mind, or I’m training my body,” Covington said. “I’m always doing something. If I can’t do one thing, which is a lower body exercise, then I’m gonna use my upper body and I’m gonna get stronger upper body. If I’m not getting stronger upper body, I’ll be working on my cardio vascular – swimming, or other exercises where I can get my heart rate up.”

Covington said he expects to be back in action by April.

He still has his eyes set on a couple ranked welterweights for when he is ready to return. Although he recently called him “scared” and “washed up” in a recent social media post, the 170-pound up-and-comer would still like to square off with Dong Hyun Kim in the foreseeable future. Another ideal option for him in Gunnar Nelson, he said, but at the end of the day, he just wants to fight.

“All these guys with a ranking next to their name, they’re protecting their rankings right now,” he said. “When they hear my name, they’re like, ‘Nah, I’m good.’ Same thing with Gunnar Nelson. We tried to step in when Dong Hyun Kim got hurt against Gunnar at UFC Belfast. Anytime they hear my name, they’re ducking me. With Neil Magny, I tried to get that fight, but Lorenz Larkin stepped in, because I was fighting on that card, anyway. These guys with the rankings, Dong Hyun Kim especially, they need to stop being scared and protecting their ranking.”

Covington believes the previously mentioned top 15 fighters don’t want to fight him because his opponents would have little to gain from a win over him, as he’s not currently ranked in the official UFC welterweight standings.

“It’s probably a combination of it’s not going to give them a better step to the title. But in reality, you gotta get in there and win fights and stop being scared, be a real fighter. If no one else in the division is matched up, you gotta fight. I think, honestly, it’s just they know they can’t beat me, if I’m going to be real. They’re like, ‘No, we’re not going to fight Colby, because we know he’s better than us. So that’s too high risk of a fight.’”

When asked about a potential rematch with Warlley Alves, who beat Covington in December 2015 in a fight that Covington entered with a fractured rib, the 28-year-old wasn’t too keen on the idea. That said, he would accept the bout if offered because he would easily be able to avenge his only professional career loss, he said.

“If the UFC offered me that, I would show them how much of a fluke it was,” he said. “That’s easy money to me now. If they gave me that fight, I’d fight him in four or five weeks from now, and I’d destroy him; it wouldn’t even be competitive. I had a fractured rib going into that fight; that’s a whole different story than a hurt knee. If the UFC wanted to give me Warlley Alves, I would show them how chump change he is. And I’d show them how much of a fluke it was that he caught me in a lucky submission.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a ranked opponent. But if they want to me that, that’s super easy money. I’ll go fight him next month in his home country, I don’t give a f-ck. He has a big fluke win over me, but people are about to find out how much of a fluke that was.”