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Liam McGeary vs Linton Vassell targeted for Bellator 179

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Bellator CEO Scott Coker wants Liam McGeary to clash Linton Vassell in London if he is victorious in tonight’s match up against Brett McDermott at Bellator 173

In a sit down interview with Bellator's CEO, Scott Coker, WHOA TV were keen to delve a little deeper into the plans that he has for his popular stars Liam McGeary and James Gallagher.

Coker was candid when describing the next steps for McGeary and revealed that the promotion were targeting a showdown with Linton Vassell in London on May 19th should McGeary win in his clash with Brett McDermott on this Friday's Bellator 173 card.

“Should Liam be victorious, he will be invited to come fight in London against Linton Vassell,” Coker said. “There’s a potential Linton Vassell vs Liam McGeary match up, but we have to see how Liam does in Belfast.”

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