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Ian McCall was offered $100,000 to fight in Russia

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Ian McCall speaks in detail about his last five fights that were scrapped, and getting a handsome offer to fight in Russia.

The last time Ian McCall was inside the UFC Octagon was at UFC 183 in January 2015, where he lost via unanimous decision to John Lineker. From then on “Uncle Creepy” has been met with a string of unfortunate circumstances.

McCall’s last five fights have been scrapped due to various reasons, but the common denominator has been health issues, both from his end and his opponent’s. He was first slated to face Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 73 in August 2015, but was scrapped after he pulled out due to injury.

He was then scheduled to take on Justin Scoggins at UFC 201 in July of the previous year. This time around, it was Scoggins who pulled out two days before fight night, which made the UFC discard the fight altogether. The same case happened with McCall’s fight against Ray Borg at UFC 203 two months later, where the latter pulled out three days before the event.

McCall was next pitted against Neil Seery, where both fighters pulled out on two separate instances. The most recent one was McCall’s rescheduled return for UFC 208 two weeks ago, supposedly against new opponent Jarred Brooks. The fight was called off after McCall was deemed unfit by doctors to compete.

No word has been given about when McCall would be cleared to fight again. But from his end, McCall felt he would have earned a bonus at UFC 208, based on how most of the fights ended that night. He also revealed getting an offer to fight in Russia for a lucrative amount.

“That card wasn’t a good show,” McCall told Brendan Schaub during his appearance at the Fighter and the Kid podcast. “I didn’t watch it, but from what I heard it was a bad show, it was boring. So we would’ve gotten a good chance to get a fight bonus. If I could’ve walked away with an extra $50,000 on top of a winning purse, that’s nice.”

“I did just get an offer from Russia – I’m not saying I’ll take it, but they offered me $100,000.”