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Freddie Roach on Mayweather-McGregor: ‘Everything is pointing in the right direction’

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After personally speaking with Floyd Mayweather, Freddie Roach is positive that the Conor McGregor boxing match will happen soon.

Famed trainer Freddie Roach has been involved in both boxing and MMA for a long time now. He is actually one of the key figures in helping Georges St-Pierre strike a new deal with the UFC.

With that in consideration, Roach says he actually believes that the much-hyped boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will happen soon.

“We’re in a different era now. It looks like it’s gonna happen,” Roach said during Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting). “Everything is pointing in the right direction. I think Conor will have his hands full with a boxer like Floyd. But he’s sellable, he’s making some noise.”

Roach says he was able to personally speak to Mayweather, when the retired undefeated boxer paid him a visit at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood three months ago. But as for the fight itself, Roach believes McGregor actually holds a good chance against Mayweather. He is even willing to train the Irishman if asked.

“I think it would take a long time for Conor to get ready for a boxing match, a pure boxing match,” Roach explained. “But you know, one punch can change everything. It’s the sport we’re in. I’m not gonna count him out completely. I think Mayweather is the favorite, yes, but I wouldn’t count anyone out. Because he throws, he throws hard and he’s not afraid to throw.”

“I would like to try to help him (McGregor) to get ready. That would be an honor for me, yes,” Roach said. “Right now, Georges is my main concern. Georges has first priority at this point.”

Roach’s interview begins at the 2:07:50 mark of the video.