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Woodley: Holm should take some time away, ‘take a page out of Ronda’s book’

Tyron Woodley believes Holly Holm should do what Ronda Rousey did and take some time off.

Holly Holm suffered her third straight loss at UFC 208 on Saturday in the hands of newly-crowned women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie. Normally, such a losing streak would put any fighter on the UFC roster in danger of being cut.

But if you ask welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, Holm should not be given the boot just yet. Instead, he believes the former women’s bantamweight champion should consider taking a long layoff and take on ventures outside of fighting, just like how Ronda Rousey did.

“I never want to give the pink slip to any fighter too soon,” Woodley told TMZ Sports (via MMA Fighting). “That’s a decision they want to make and they need to make themselves. I think maybe she needs to take some time away, maybe do something outside the octagon, hopefully something that builds her brand to make her more valuable inside the octagon. Just take a page out of Ronda’s book.”

Woodley says he can see Holm in the entertainment industry, but also thinks doing some commentary work would help keep her “fresh.”

“One thing I have not seen her do a lot of - and maybe she just doesn’t have any interest - maybe some commentating,” Woodley said. “For me, it always kept me fresh. You always have the control to reach so many hundreds of thousands of millions of people on a platform.”

“So when I wasn’t even competing for eight months I kept my name in the mix, I kept my stance for why I should be next for the title and it held more weight than what people realized. So maybe she should consult with the FOX people and try to do an audition to maybe do commentating.”

Holm did appeal the decision from the UFC 208 fight yesterday, due to De Randamie’s punches after the horn in the second and third rounds of their bout.