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Bisping: Georges St-Pierre’s trainer says UFC deal is ‘almost done’, and he wants to fight me

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According to Bisping, GSP’s trainer revealed that they’re “pretty much at an agreement with the UFC” for a return.

Michael Bisping says he’s “probably” going to face Yoel Romero next, but the UFC middleweight champion made it clear that earlier reports of the bout aren’t true. He says nothing has been offered or signed, and even states that a bout with Georges St-Pierre isn’t out of the question at this point.

According to Bisping, the former welterweight champion has mended fences with the UFC, and GSP could have that long talked about return soon.

“I haven’t signed to fight anybody,” Bisping said on the MMA Hour. “Odds are it’s going to be Yoel Romero, my next fight. That’s what I’m assuming.

“I’ve had no further dialogue with the UFC, but I know that Georges, his trainer (Jorge Blanco) told me recently that they’re pretty much at an agreement with the UFC. So the deal is almost done and he wants to fight me. I am the fight that they’re targeting, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. As of right now, I would assume that Yoel is my next opponent, but there’s always that wild card.”

With the good number of contenders at middleweight, most notably Romero and Jacare, Bisping knows that even talking about a possible super-fight with St-Pierre will get him criticism.

“I have no problem facing (Romero), but if the UFC would come to me with the GSP (offer), of course I would take that one first, simply for the gigantic payday, then do Yoel next.

“GSP is saying that he wants to fight me. GSP is by far the biggest fight of them all,” he said. “Regardless of whoever I fight, there’s going to be somebody unhappy. I can’t face them all on the same night. It’s got to be one at a time, and there’s going to be people who are going to talk sh-t.”

Dana White recently gave an update on those negotiations, saying he’s been talking to St-Pierre and “they’ve got everything straight” between them.