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Brunson claims judges were ‘in awe’ of Silva: ‘If I fought anybody else, I win’

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Derek Brunson believes the judges were too awestruck by Anderson Silva, which may have led to how the fight’s decision came about.

On Saturday night at UFC 208, Anderson Silva ended his almost five-year winning drought with a unanimous decision verdict against Derek Brunson. However, it was a win that was put into question by many observers.

Brunson felt he “outclassed the greatest of all time” but had to deal with “blind judges.” During his appearance on Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour, he once again ripped on the three judges appointed by the New York State Athletic Commission.

“There’s no way he won that fight,” Brunson told Ariel Helwani (via MMA Fighting). “The judges were just in awe, and every time he moved — as [Jon] Anik said on the broadcast — the crowd went crazy. It’s just crazy. It sucks for a fighter.”

Brunson pointed out the first and third rounds of the fight, where he says he outscored Silva in terms of strikes. He was also proud of how he handled “The Spider’s” patented clinch game.

“The first round, 39-8. I hit 39 times. He hit me eight times. I probably hit him with 12 uppercuts out of the clinch, where he normally puts guys away in the Muay Thai clinch. Silva’s nasty in the Muay Thai clinch. In the third round I outscored him 31-18. In the first and the third, I had takedowns. You tell me who won it.”

Brunson stepped in with three weeks’ notice to fight Silva, a decision he says he now regrets. He also feels the decision would have turned towards his favor, if he was facing some other opponent.

“If I fought anybody [else], I win,” Brunson said.

“I shouldn’t have taken that fight. I shouldn’t have took that fight. I can’t keep saving cards or doing things I’m not supposed to.”