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Tweet of the day: Dustin Poirier says he didn’t suffer a broken leg vs. Jim Miller

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Dustin Poirier couldn’t even walk after his grueling battle with Jim Miller at UFC 208, but it looks as if he avoided a major injury to his right leg.

UFC 208: Poirier v Miller Photo by Anthony Geathers/Getty Images

Dustin Poirier and Jim Miller engaged in an entertaining, grueling, competitive bout at UFC 208. The two lightweight veterans won $50,000 bonuses for Fight of the Night, but it was Poirier who had his hand raised as the winner by majority decision.

While Poirier was victorious, he had his lead leg absolutely chewed up by Miller’s heavy kicks. Poirier at times was forced to switch to an orthodox stance in round 3, and caught a major reprieve when he was able to get Miller onto his back and avoid taking further damage on the feet.

By the end of the fight, Poirier was sat on his stool, his right leg battered and bruised, and he was unable to walk, which led to speculation that his leg was actually broken. You can be rest assured (according to Poirier) that this was not the case.

It’s also worth noting that Miller was walking with a noticeable limp after the final horn sounded, so that tells you all you need to know about what a battle this was. We’ll soon find out the medical suspensions for Poirier, Miller, and the rest of the UFC 208 fighters later this week.