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Road FC 36 Event Video: Fukuda wins, 2 UFC vets, 5 others qualify for $1 Million tournament

Watch the full Road FC 36 event, which had a pretty stacked line up that featured some talented UFC vets and regional champions.

Asian promotion Road Fighting Championship hosted their 36th major event this past Saturday, in Seoul, South Korea. The talent rich card had 15 bouts that was filled with several recognizable names. Featured on the show was UFC veteran and former Road FC middleweight champion Riki Fukuda, along with 7 lightweights that qualified for the promotion’s upcoming $1 million tournament.

The entire event can be watched for free on the clip above.

On the main event of the evening, Fukuda took home a well earned unanimous decision. He ended local star Nae-Chul Kim’s 4-fight streak, and put himself back in the hunt for the title he lost to Jung Hwan Cha over a year ago.

The seven fighters who earned a slot at the massive lightweight tournament are as follows: UFC veterans Ronys Torres and Leo Kuntz, Bitetti champ Gleristone ‘Toninho Furia’ Santos, Russian champ Shamil Zavurov, Shooto star and former Road FC title challenger Shinji Sasaki, and local Korean standouts Dae Sung Park and Chang Hyun Kim.

Road FC

Torres choked Ermek Tlauov out cold in the opening round, continuing his impressive run since his UFC stint. He will now head into the Road FC tournament coming off 9 straight wins, and 20 out of 22 contests overall since leaving the promotion in 2010.

Kuntz on the other hand, was in a back and forth match with local Taekwondo-based fighter Young Gi Hong, until he eventually landed a submission in the third round. It is his first victory since leaving the UFC off a loss to Tae Hyun Bang.

The two other lightweight UFC vets weren’t so lucky, as Sasaki and Kim managed to claim victories over TUF standouts Albert Cheng and Andy Main respectively. The TUF 12 vet in Main succumbed to a one-sided decision, while TUF China’s Cheng lost on the cards after crucial point deductions from fouls and stalling.

Talented Korean prospect Park managed to upset RUFF champ and BJJ champ Rodrigo Caporal, while former M-1 champion Zavurov tossed around his Korean foe Won Gi Kim to qualify.

Lastly, Bellator vet Toninho Furia showed why he is one of the most highly regarded fighters from Brazil as he beat the very game Hyung Seok Lee by decision.

There were two other tournament reserve bouts that were hosted, with Hae Jin Park and Won Bin Ki picking up victories over fellow local Korean fighters.

Also featured on the event was a non-tournament flyweight bout that saw former Sengoku and Legend FC flyweight star Taiyo Nakahara earn an entertaining decision win.

Full Road FC 26 Results

Main Event

Riki Fukuda def. Kim Nae-Chul by Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Tournament International Trials

Sasaki Shinji def. Albert Cheng by Unanimous Decision

Leo Kuntz def. Hong Young-Ki by Submission (RNC), R3 1:47

Park Dae-Sung def. Rodrigo Caporal by Split Decision 2:1

Shamil Zavurov def. Kim Won-Gi bu Unanimous Decision

Gleristone Santos def. Lee Hyung-Seok by Unanimous Decision

Kim Chang-Hyun def. Andy Main by Unanimous Decision

Ronys Torres def. Ermek Tlauov by Submission (Guillotine), R1 4:47

Tournament Reserve bouts

Park Hae-Jin def. Cho Young-Seung by Unanimous Decision

Ki Won-Bin def. Jeong Jae-Il by TKO, R1 0:59

Non Tournament bouts

Hirano Yoshiko def. Chun Sun-Yoo by KO, R1 2:01

Nakahara Taiyo def. Moon Jea-Hoon by Unanimous Decision

Min Kyeong-Chul def. Cho Young-Jun by TKO, R1 4:45

Seo Dong-Soo def. Park Su-Wan vs by TKO, R1 1:48

Seo Jin-Soo def. Lee Seong-Su by Unanimous Decision