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UFC 208: Jacare Souza vs. Tim Boetsch full fight video highlights

Check out the highlights for the UFC 208 main card bout between Jacare Souza and Tim Boetsch.

Ronaldo Souza did terrible things to Tim Boetsch’s arm at UFC 208, providing fans literally the only finish on the entire card. You can watch the highlights (including the part where Jacare cranks on Boetsch’s arm and then time literally freezes) at the top of the page.

Here’s Tim Burke’s play-by-play:

Round 1 - Front kick to the belly from Jacare. Boetsch with a leg kick. Jacare shoots in from far away and can't get anything. Boetsch with an uppercut. Knee from Souza. Jacare with a right over the top on the break. Low leg kick from Boetsch. Another kick, this time to the thigh. Hard body punch from Jacare. Boetsch with a right hook that got Jacare's attention. Jacare deftly caught a leg kick and took Boetsch down halfway through the round. Jacare working from side control, now to mount. So slick. He posted up with some punches. He gave up mount to attack the arm. Wow, hammerlock time. He's reefing on it and Boetsch has to tap. Beautiful.

Jacare Souza defeated Tim Boetsch by submission (kimura), 3:41 of round 2