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UFC 208: Jim Miller details why submissions are better than knockouts

UFC lightweight veteran Jim Miller on why submissions hold more value than knockouts to him.

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MMA: UFC 205-Miller vs Alves Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing techniques (or lack thereof) has always been a great debate for fight fans and pundits to engage in. What’s better, knocking your opponent out, submitting them or punishing them mercilessly over the full course of a fight? You’ll get a variety of answers, but in my nearly 12-year experience covering the sport, the majority of fighters prefer the knockout. After all, nothing says “I whipped your ass” more definitively than a knockout.

Until recently, I too preferred knockouts—the primal side of me relishing the sanctioned violence with great gusto and plenty of admiration for the men and women hearty enough to gift me with an unconscious or semi-conscious athlete on the canvas. Now, after talking with UFC lightweight veteran Jim Miller, my opinion may have changed.

In a recent interview with Bloody Elbow’s Three Amigos Podcast, Miller explained the finer points of why a submission finish is the only way to fly.

“I’m a little bit of a psychopath in that I fight because I want to like destroy people. I want to completely beat the crap out of them. The thing is, I want to fight the best and do that. Making someone choose that the fight is over—putting them in a position and having them decide, ‘Yep, no more. I’m good’—in my opinion, that is pretty much the top.

Here’s a grown man that trained for eight weeks, stepped into a cage with me, then decided that he didn’t want to be in there with me any longer. When you knock somebody out or get the TKO, it’s not up to them to keep fighting or not. It’s up to somebody else. When they decide that they no longer want it and tap, that’s a rush for me.”

You can check out the rest of this excellent interview with Jim HERE at the 1:09:30 mark of the audio or via the embedded player below. Jim will face off against Dustin Poirier tonight at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn as the opening bout of UFC 208’s main PPV card.

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