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Demian Maia on other title shot contenders: ‘I don’t see nobody’

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Looking at the current welterweight landscape, Demian Maia believes he is the only one deserving of the next title shot.

In less than a month, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will be facing Stephen Thompson in a rematch at UFC 209. Patiently waiting for the winner of the said fight is long-time streaking top contender Demian Maia.

After racking up six consecutive dominant wins since 2014 over the likes of Neil Magny, Gunnar Nelson, and Carlos Condit among others, Maia has chosen to sit out for a while and wait for his title shot. And if he were to make his own assessment, there are no other names out there who are worthy of getting the next crack at the belt other than him.

"You cannot be certain about nothing in life, of course, but I don’t see nobody that can be there besides me,” Maia said during Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting). "I don't see nobody. The welterweight division, I don’t see nobody that can build something, can keep winning in this three weeks and can be the next contender. There’s not too much besides me.”

Maia last fought in August, where he finished Condit via first round submission, and a Performance of the Night bonus to boot. As of the moment, he feels that the best decision is to indeed wait it out, instead of taking on another fight.

"Three more weeks for the fight (between Woodley and Thomspon), it’s pretty close. I want to wait, no matter what,” Maia said. “It’s hard to wait. Like, for me its much better to be active, to be fighting, because I’m an athlete and its always good to be active, but I know there’s a risk.”

“I built my path here, I think I gotta be patient. With all my team, I will wait this three-and-a-half weeks that last for the fight.”