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Video: Gamer gets away with illegally streaming UFC 218 by pretending to play

A gamer live-streamed the entire UFC 218 broadcast on LiveRaise on Saturday evening. He got away with the illegal act by pretending it was EA Sports UFC gameplay.

A gamer has gotten away with something hilarious yet illegal.

AJ Lester, a man who streams himself playing video games on services such as LiveRaise and Twitch, streamed the entire UFC 218 broadcast on Saturday night. His UFC 218 stream can still be found online as of the time of this writing.

During the main event between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and Brazilian great Jose Aldo, Lester, who has over 8000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, can be seen pretending to play, as if the live stream of Holloway vs. Aldo was actually just EA Sports UFC gameplay — not the real thing. During the brief clip below, Lester can be heard saying multiple “c’mon man”’s in reaction to Holloway attempting a head kick and Aldo landing some shots. Check it out:

Talk about being creative.

Holloway defeated Aldo for the second time at UFC 218, stopping him with strikes late in the third round — an exact repeat of their first meeting at UFC 212 in June. Holloway retained his title for the first time at the event, which took place at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.