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UFC 218 Video: Francis Ngannou annihilates Alistair Overeem early

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The UFC 218 co-main event witnessed Alistair Overeem get slept by Francis Ngannou.

At UFC 218, the co-main event was graced with top-5 heavyweights, as the #4 ranked Francis Ngannou knocked out the # 1 ranked Alistair Overeem with a crazy left hand early into the opening round. Overeem immediately closed the distance, but was quickly reversed, giving Ngannou the dominant position, until the referee separated them. Once in open space, Overeem lunged in with a sloppy bolo, and Ngannou returned fire with a massive left hand from hell that sent Overeem crashing to the canvas unconscious. To make matters worse, Ngannou dropped a scary hammerfist to an already asleep Overeem, and the referee was thankfully there to stop the fight.

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of Francis Ngannou destroying Alistair Overeem:

Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem

Round 1 - Overeem charges at him with a left hook. He clinches. Ngannou spins him around. Short knee and foot stomp from Ngannou. The ref separates them after a minute. Ngannou with a wild left hook from way low and he knocked Overeem clean out! He lifted him off the ground with the shot! MY WORD! A hammerfist didn’t help afterward. Overeem is still out.

Francis Ngannou defeated Alistair Overeem by KO (left hook), 1:42 of round 1