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Fight to Win Pro 56 full results: Cummings chokes out Sandoval, Alencar armbars Fontes

A recap and full results report for Fight to Win Pro 56, including wins by Eddie Cummings and Talita Alencar.

Talita Alencar took home another Fight to Win Pro title on Friday.
Sunni Imhotep

Fight to Win Pro 56 was a night of high-level submissions and exciting action as some of the most prominent names in the sport tore up the mat. Fight to Win Pro continues to put on some of the best events in competitive grappling and this night pushed that trend to higher expectations.

Eddie Cummings and Jacob Sandoval closed out the show as they battled in the black belt, no-gi 155-pound weight division. Sandoval took to the challenge of entering Cummings guard, who offered attack after attack from the position and butterfly guard. The end was near when Cummings hit a back transition and quickly secured a rear naked choke on Sandoval. Sandoval barely had the opportunity to fight the position as he was forced to tap out to the Danaher Death Squad standout.

In the co-main event, Talita Alencar added to her collection of Fight to Win Pro championship titles as she defeated Pati Fontes for the women’s no-gi flyweight title. This match featured two world champions and did not disappoint in any fashion. Alencar pulled out the victory via arm bar to claim the title.

Nicky Ryan also continued his growth as a young prodigy in the sport. He defeated 10th Planet competitor, Ricky Lule in the 140 pound, no-gi division. Lule landed a big slam, but Ryan recovered nicely, hitting a leg drag pass to back take which allowed him to win via rear naked choke.

According to event promoters, Fight to Win Pro featured a 71 percent finish rate, the highest of any event to date. Fighters were paid out a total of $24,583 in winning. The event will be available for replay via

Fight to Win Pro 56 – Full Results

Black Belt Results

Eddie Cummings defeats Jacob Sandoval via RNC

Talita Alencar defeats Pati Fontes via Armbar

Nicky Ryan defeats Ricky Lule via RNC

Brian Mendez defeats Mike Cody via Kimura

Marvin Castelle defeats Brandon Walensky via Heel Hook

Kevin Casey defeats Shannone Callos via RNC

Gokor Greg Ambaryan defeats Marco Cruzatt via Split Decision

Andre Pontes defeats Ron Henderson via Decision

Diego Dias Ramalho defeats John Combs via Decision – Fight of the Night

Omar Sabha defeats Greg Hamilton via Scissor Choke – Submission of the Night

Kauan Barboza defeats Juan Bernardo via Bow and Arrow choke

Bruno Marchi defeats Adrian Vasquez via Armbar

Brown Belt Results

Joey Hauss defeats Morgan Smith via Decision

Steven Cabrera defeats PJ Montano via Split Decision

Joshua Valles defeats Wes Levine via Armbar

Jarred Mercado defeats Drew Sklov via Decision

Jeremiah Vance defeats Cooper Gibson via Kneebar

Vince Barbosa defeats Josh Smith Decision – Fight of the Night

Cole Franson defeats Mike Wilson via Darce

Connor Donaldson defeats Jake Warren via RNC

Byron Cragg defeats Johnny Ho via Split Decision

Purple Belt Results

Sam Hand defeats Antonio Sanchez via Triangle

Blake Troop defeats Tyson Blair via Decision

Brandon Lim defeats Carlos Florez via Heel Hook

Mike A Khatchikian defeats Thomas Kocer via Foot Lock

Alex Magala defeats Patrick Ventura via Knee Bar

David Augustine Fraser defeats Kevin Melendrez via Omaplata Choke – Submission of the Night

Jess Martinez defeats Carlos Guyton via Kimura – Fight of the Night

Alfonso Estrada defeats Bryan Fernandez via Choke