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Oluwale Bamgbose vents frustrations about fans and fighting following brutal KO loss

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UFC middleweight Oluwale Bamgbose was on the wrong end of a devastating knee to the jaw at UFC on FOX: Lawler vs. dos Anjos. And the loss seems to have sparked some reflection on fans and the sport of MMA.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Winnipeg-Di Chirico vs Bamgbose Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it’s the wear and tear on a fighter’s mind and body over the years of training and fighting, or the often abysmally low pay for what can be a massive time outlay at the higher levels of the sport, or simply dealing with fickle fans and sleazy promoters and managers, a career in fighting can be a challenge to navigate. And that’s to say nothing of actually losing fights; the potential for public humiliation and a place on someone else’s highlight reel for years to come.

These all seem to be points that Oluwale Bamgbose is coming face to face with, following his 2nd round KO at the hands of Alessio Di Chirico at UFC on FOX: Lawler vs. dos Anjos. Bamgbose fought an uncharacteristically tentative bout against the Italian – landing all of four strikes in round 1, and just six in round 2 – before getting poster-ized by a clinch knee that dropped him face first on the canvas.

In the days since, Bamgbose has taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations over fan reactions to his loss, and over the realities of a fighting career in general.

Bamgbose also revealed that, in the buildup to his Di Chirico bout, he sustained an injury falling through a roof. However, he decided to go ahead with the fight anyway, to his own regret.

It sounds, for the moment, like Bamgbose will be taking some time to gather himself “spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally” before returning to competition. Whether or not that’s in the UFC remains to be seen. Bamgbose’s loss to Di Chirico was his third straight, and fourth in his five fights with the promotion. It may be that the next time fans see the “Holy War Angel” it will be with another promotion entirely.