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Colby Covington calls Fabricio Werdum a filthy animal, says Tyron Woodley is ‘ducking’ him

Colby Covington continues to antagonize Fabricio Werdum and Tyron Woodley.

After pressing charges against former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum after a minor physical altercation in Sydney, Australia last month, welterweight standout Colby Covington is still happy to tease the Brazilian.

Covington, who has come under fire for his recent remarks against Brazil, called Brazilians ‘filthy animals’ on his social media feed. Covington specifically targeted Werdum, who is expected to appear in court later this month after being caught throwing a boomerang at the American.

“Brazil is a dump,” Covington replied to a fan. “And all of those filthy animals, especially Fabricio Werdum... You wanna fight me, you gotta fight me in the cage. I’m a prize fighter - I’m not fighting on the street like a street thug.”

Covington also targeted UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, who he claims is ‘ducking’ him for allegedly turning a fight down at UFC 219 on Dec. 30.

“Tyron Woodley wanted to fight December 30th, but he wanted to fight a lightweight - Nate Diaz. I’m ready. They offered him the fight but he’s getting cold feet now. He doesn’t wanna fight ‘Chaos’ Colby Covington.”

Covington then went on to claim that he took Woodley’s ‘soul’ in a sparring session at American Top Team.

“Tyron’s ducking me, man. He’s scared. He felt my pressure, he felt what I did to him in the gym. I took his soul.”

“Make sure you all know Tyron Woodley ducked me on Dec. 30. I was ready to fight him on a short camp, but he doesn’t wanna fight me. He’s scared, he wants to say he’s got a hurt shoulder, but really, he’s got a hurt vagina. We’re gonna fight, me and Tyron Woodley. He’s got my belt. That’s my belt, and he’s keeping it warm for me.”

Covington, 29, is on a five-fight win streak and last fought at UFC Fight Night 119, where he beat Demian Maia via unanimous decision in the co-main event. The controversial fighter is currently ranked at No. 3 in the official UFC welterweight rankings.