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Video: Muay Thai fighter on receiving end of Evangelista Cyborg-esque skull fracture

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Michael ‘Venom’ Page may have set the standard for skull denting KO’s, but a Muay Thai bout in Thailand has offered its own strong contender in the ranks.

Jérémy Balasse

Every MMA fan remembers where they were on July 16th, 2016. That was the date of Bellator 158 and the moment when Evangelista Santos went from notable MMA veteran and former Cris Cyborg spouse to shocking MMA injury recipient. Cyborg was on the wrong end of a flying knee from flashy action-striker Michael Page, and while the knee didn’t actually knock him unconscious, it left him with a baseball sized dent in his forehead.

It was one of the most shocking and terrifying injuries in combat sports history. And now it’s got some company.

Last week, a French Muay Thai fighter identified as Jeremy Balasse ate a standing elbow from his opponent. You can see the result in the video below:

“This is the video of the huge poke I received in combat, at the Patong Stadium in Phuket,” Balasse wrote on social media, “which caused me a fractured skull. Impressive wound and big scare! The following days were very difficult for me and especially my relatives, with a major operation to the head, So I wanted to thank all those who supported me again, it was incredible, and obviously very comforting.”

Jeremy is apparently doing fine now. Having had a titanium plate inserted in his head. Good to know getting your skull crushed looks worse than it feels.