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Jim Ross: Fans are ‘jonesing’ for Lesnar’s UFC return because MMA is lacking superstars right now

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WWE commentator Jim Ross does not think Brock Lesnar will return to MMA, but sees why people are clamoring for it.

Even in retirement and a with failed drug test to boot, Brock Lesnar remains relevant in conversations within the MMA circle. A possible UFC return for the former heavyweight champion would still pique the interest of a good handful, especially those who are avid WWE followers at the same time.

WWE commentator and Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross, however, sees this as a bleak possibility. Instead, he sees Lesnar taking up a career in acting.

“I don’t see him getting back into MMA,” Ross told Submission Radio. “Now, I might be wrong on that one, but I don’t see that being a fit for him going forward. But I can certainly see him in Hollywood, I can certainly see him doing other things like that, but that’s not really his style either.”

“He likes to be home or working at the wrestling, so I don’t know why he would want to leave, other than the obvious with scheduling and so forth, my boys are getting older. But he’s got a great gig, man, and I think he really embraces it and appreciates it.”

As for the fans who still count on a Lesnar return to MMA, Ross believes it is all rooted to what he sees as a lack in superstars in the current MMA game, particularly in the UFC.

“MMA fans jones about Lesnar being gone because the MMA, in general, is lacking superstars, they’re lacking box office attractions,” Ross said. “They’re no different than any pro wrestling promotion in the world, their job is to create superstars that people demand to see more of. And right now, of course with the fighting as it is, you’re lucky to have three fights a year if you stay healthy, and there are no major stars that are early 20’s, young guys who are like the next big thing.”

“Everybody’s got an opinion, but the MMA world in general, the reason people are jonesing for Lesnar is because they’ve got nobody better to cheer for right now,” he continued. “That’s why they wanted Georges St-Pierre back, that’s why they want Cain Velasquez back in the ring, they want Conor McGregor to fight again. We’re not missing any new names here. I’m mentioning all these dudes that have got some mileage and track records.”

The 39-year-old Lesnar announced his retirement from MMA competition again in February.