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Daniel Cormier disses pro wrestling spots, gets into Twitter beef with Cody Rhodes

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Daniel Cormier and Chase Sherman got into with pro wrestlers on Twitter today.

MMA: UFC 210-Cormier vs Johnson Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is a huge pro wrestling fan. He’s never been shy about letting this be known, and likes to talk about it a lot. But he seems to be an old-school fan of the action inside the squared circle, because a tweet about some pro wrestling spots in an organization called Ring of Honor earned him some heat from actual pro wrestlers.

And it was all started by UFC heavyweight Chase Sherman.

A video was distributed of some acrobatic spots featuring The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, from a recent ROH event. Evidently Sherman wasn’t a fan:

Predictably, one of the Bucks responded with a shot at Sherman, and a few other wrestlers got into the debate as well, including sometimes pro-wrestler and longtime MMA fighter Phil Baroni. It was then that Cormier decided to jump in with his opinion of the spots, which was not complimentary either:

This is a very old-school opinion, but still a common one in today’s pro wrestling. While some appreciate the wrestling that Cormier wants, others are big fans of high spots and crazy aerial maneuvers. The former believe that the high spots lack psychology and selling (acting like a move hurts, for lack of a better explanation). He goes on to say later that the match as a whole was good, but that sequence was way too choreographed and didn’t have the appearance of reality at all (I’m guessing he really hates Lucha Libre then, but that’s a question for another day).

Anyway, this led Cody Rhodes to chime in. Rhodes is the son of legendary pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes, and a current member of the Bullet Club with the Young Bucks. So he came to the defense of his boys - but he was pretty stiff about it:

DC didn’t take too kindly to that:

I highly doubt this will go any further, but it was entertaining and led to a much wider discussion of old-school vs. new-school wrestling than usual. Cormier will return to the Octagon next month when he defends his title against Volkan Oezdemir at UFC 220.