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UFC Fresno results & highlights: Gabriel Benitez outclasses Jason Knight for three rounds

Gabriel Benitez defeated the UFC’s #15 featherweight Jason Knight in the UFC Fresno co-main event.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Fresno-Knight vs Benitez Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In the UFC Fresno co-main event witnessed Gabriel Benitez put on an epic performance as he outclassed the UFC’s #15 featherweight Jason Knight. Knight would start the bout with pure aggression, looking to take out Benitez with one punch, but Benitez showed off his superior striking polish to pick up a well earned unanimous decision. In his post fight interview, Benitez looked to Dana White, and informed the UFC executive that he now knows who he is. Benitez moves to 20-6, and sets himself up for another fight with a ranked opponent.

Co-main Event:

Gabriel Benitez def. Jason Knight by Unanimous Decision (30-26 x2, 29-27): Featherweight

Knight came out with intention to open the fight, finding a home for his right cross. There was a halt to the action for Knight biting Benitez, and the referee brought in the doctor to take a look at the hand. The referee proceeded to deduct a point from Knight for the foul before the match resumed. Benitez cracked with a head kick, but Knight closed the distance and pulled his opponent into his guard. Benitez returned to his feet, and began to land a bit with his hands before the closing of the opening round.

Knight picked up a slick takedown early in the 2nd round, but Benitez was ultra quick to stand back up. The jab of Benitez began to land at a descent clip through the porous striking guard of Knight, but an eye poke to the right eye of Benitez caused another halt to the action. The striking polish of Benitez became more evident towards the end of the 2nd round, as Knight was unable to mount much of any offense without eating a counter of some kind.

Knight came out pressing forward in the final frame, as Benitez was on the back foot looking to counter. Knight became increasingly sloppy down the stretch, showing his back and paying the price for it. Benitez scored a late takedown for good measure, but allowed Knight to return to his feet for the final minute of the fight, to the crowd’s delight. Knight pulled his opponent on top of him in the closing seconds, but ate some heavy elbows for his troubles.

Peep the polish of Benitez:

Nobody wants to lose a point for biting: