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Conor McGregor: The only time I was ever wobbled was against Nate Diaz

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Conor McGregor credits Nate Diaz as the only fighter to give him trouble in a fight.

UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor has done exceptional things in his nine-year professional career. In his UFC stint alone, he had already gone through and defeated some of the sport’s biggest and toughest names.

During his appearance on RTE’s “The Late Late Show” on Friday, McGregor touched on various topics, including the one and only fighter whom he claims had given him legitimate trouble.

“I’m 29 years of age and I have climbed to the very, very, very top and with…not with relative ease,” McGregor said (via MMA Fighting). “I’ve put in a lot of hard work. I’ve put in crazy amounts of hard work and most people do not see the wars upon wars in the gym just to get to the fight.”

“I’ve gone through strenuous camp, after camp, after camp, but still – compared to other people in the fight game – I’m still relatively undamaged,” he continued. “I’ve never been dropped. I was wobbled once. In the Mayweather fight, it was fatigue – I wasn’t wobbled, I didn’t see stars once.”

“The only time I was ever wobbled once in a contest was in the Nate Diaz 1 fight. And that’s’s the only heavy shot I’ve ever taken.”

If he wanted to, McGregor could hang up his gloves and ride off into the sunset. After all, he says he is earning half a million a month, and he could easily pursue his other ventures.

But as of the moment, McGregor says he will be sticking to fighting.

“I’ve continued to climb and I’m still very young in the game,” McGregor said. “Although I’ve climbed to the top, I’m still very young from a damage-taking standpoint, so I will continue to see where it goes.”

“I have multiple titles in the UFC. I have multiple contenders that are clawing at the top trying to get at me, so we’re in negotiation stages and we will see where we go. I will most certainly compete again for the next couple of years anyway and then I’ll see where it is.”

According to UFC president Dana White, McGregor’s next fight will be a unification title bout against Tony Ferguson in Las Vegas, at a still undetermined date.