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Paulo Henrique Costa calls Derek Brunson ‘a wuss’ for declining to fight him after UFC 217

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Paulo Henrique Costa called out Derek Brunson after his win at UFC 217, but to no avail.

UFC 217: Hendricks v Costa
Paulo Henrique Costa
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

After his demolition of Johny Hendricks at UFC 217, Paulo Henrique Costa made sure to call out Derek Brunson while still inside the cage in New York City. Brunson, however, took to Twitter to express his lack of interest in fighting the up-and-coming Brazilian.

According to what Brunson said on Twitter, he believes Costa is on steroids and poses no threat whatsoever. And he’s more interested in taking on more notable names, such as Luke Rockhold.

Once Costa heard the news, he told AG Fight how he started seeing Brunson as a coward now.

“He said on Twitter he had info on me, saying USADA only tested me once, but if I was tested more times, then he could fight me in the middle of next year. I’d like to tell him he’s a coward and a wuss. I don’t know where he got that lying data. I’ve been tested four times just this month. Five, total. Ever since I’ve been in the UFC, I’ve been tested 10 times. Both USADA and UFC have that information. His fake point makes no sense. I’ll post my tests on social media and we’ll see what excuse to run away from me he’ll come up with next.”

“You either take the fight or you don’t. If you’re afraid, you better say you’re afraid and admit you won’t fight me. He doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC. Johny Hendricks is a real man, because he took the fight and made no excuses. He’s making excuses because he’s a wuss and he’s afraid. If the UFC gives him a different fighter, they’ll just be reinforcing his attitude.”

Paulo Henrique Costa is undefeated with a 11-0 record. Before defeating Hendricks, he knocked out both Oluwale Bamgbose and Garreth McLellan in his UFC run.