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Urijah Faber: Coming out of retirement to fight T.J. Dillashaw ‘sounds like fun’

If there is one fight that could make Urijah Faber come out of retirement, it would be against former teammate T.J. Dillashaw.

After a notable 13-year professional run, former WEC champion and UFC veteran Urijah Faber decided to hang up his gloves. Despite not being able to capture UFC gold. “The California Kid” is still a respected figure in MMA, particularly as one of the pioneers of the lighter weight classes.

Faber last fought December 2016, capping off his career with a win against Brad Pickett in his hometown of Sacramento. But at 38 years of age, he feels like he still has some fight left in him, just like many retired competitors do.

During Monday’s MMA Hour episode, Faber stated that a fight against current bantamweight champion and former teammate T.J. Dillashaw could actually get him to come out of retirement. But at the same time, it is not something he would just jump into right away.

“I was in a Metro PCS Q&A and someone was asking me, ‘What would it take to bring you out of retirement?’” Faber said (via MMA Fighting). “I said, ‘The biggest dollars,’ and a girl said, ‘If T.J. calls you out after this fight, would that bring you out of retirement?’ And I just said, ‘That sounds like fun.”

“It’s unbeknownst to me if anyone’s asking for that, calling for that, or offering that. I haven’t heard it. I would have to consider that if they came and talked to me.”

“There’s one thing I know for sure is, I’m not afraid of a good fight and I enjoy it and I like making money,” he continued. “But I would hate for that to be the focus rather than Cody getting back in there and getting his shot to redeem himself, because he’s been the guy who’s been there on the front lines. He’s been the guy who’s been putting in the time to be the world champion right now, and I’ve retired.”

Speaking of Cody Garbrandt getting the title shot to redeem himself, Faber is not rushing for it to happen immediately. But he is certain that a part two will take place some time in the future.

“I doubt there will be an immediate rematch, if T.J.’s not talking about it and it was a finish in the second round, even though there was a close finish in the first,” Faber said. “I would love to see that immediate rematch, but there’s no rush. Cody’s just turned 26. He’s just getting stability, he’s just buying his house, he’s got his wife and his kid on the way. I don’t think there’s a rush.”

“Would he be ready and willing and excited to have a rematch right away? Sure. But either slow play or do it right away, they’re going to fight again. I think they both know that.”