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Dana White on Demetrious Johnson’s money demands: ‘Let’s see what your PPV does’

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Dana White responds to Demetrious Johnson’s demand for a $2 million payday.

In this era of “big money fights”, many UFC fighters have specific figures in mind as to how much they would want for specific match-ups. Flyweight champion and top pound-for-pound fighter Demetrious Johnson, for instance, wants a $2 million payday for super-fights.

It is stated in Johnson’s new contract with the UFC that he would be getting a percentage from pay-per-view earnings. And according to UFC president Dana White, “Mighty Mouse” should take advantage of this provision.

“He’s a partner in the pay-per-view,” White said during the UFC 217 post-fight presser (via MMA Fighting). “Let’s see what your PPV does, you’re a partner, let’s see what you make.”

“Listen, you can’t be in a position where you’re like ‘I want $2 million, f—k you, I don’t care what you make. I don’t care how much this thing sells, I just want $2 million.’”

In terms of super-fights, one possibility that has opened up after Saturday night would be a flyweight championship between Johnson and newly-minted bantamweight titleholder T.J. Dillashaw.

Dillashaw says it is the only sensible move for Johnson to make, and White agrees.

“He’s been crying for a long time for a big fight,” White said. “He’s got his big fight now. You know I’m down for it because I was down for it before, but now it’s even better. They both have belts, so, yeah.”