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Fight to Win Pro 53 results and video: Referee tapes bleeding grappler, UFC vets lose

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Jackson, Tim Spriggs and Alencar victorious in title matches.

DJ Jackson and Gilbert Burns start the main event at Fight to Win Pro 53
Sunni Imhotep

Fight to Win Pro 53 brought out high energy matches that included slams, blood and flying triangles. At the end of the night, it was clear that grappling is alive and well in the Maryland area. Three titles were up for grabs and all three matches were exciting from start to finish; featuring some of the best talents in the sport.

In the main event, DJ Jackson defended his middleweight no gi title against UFC competitor and ADCC bronze medalist, Gilbert Burns. Burns and Jackson started on the feet where Burns tried to impose his will through wrestling, but Jackson’s base was too strong to be deterred. It would be Jackson hitting a slick lateral drop that took this fight to the floor. Once there, he remained on top, pressuring Burns as he looked for pass after pass. Burns attempted to attack from the bottom, but he couldn’t find an answer for Jackson who took the victory via a uniramous decision.

Jackson’s teammate, Tim Spriggs was also victorious as he took the black belt gi heavyweight title. Spriggs faced off against multiple-time world champion, Leonardo Nogueira. Spriggs was aggressive right from the start, looking for takedown attempt after takedown attempt. Nogueira would fight off the attacks before pulling guard to get the fight to the floor. There, Spriggs would remain aggressive, even though Nogueira found his way to some attacks as well. The match went the distance and Spriggs came out on top via a split decision victory.

Tim Spriggs earned a big win over Leo Nogueira.
Sunni Imhotep

In one of the top matches of the evening, Talita Alencar defeated Aarae Alexander for the flyweight title. Alexander was aggressive right from the start, landing a big slam on Alencar as she was working her guard. From there, Alencar turned up the pace, keeping Alexander at bay. Alexander remained composed as she attempted multiple attacks from the bottom but was unable to find the finish. In the end, it would be Alencar getting her hand raised for the split decision win.

Throughout the night there were other memorable moments that kept fans cheering. Jamil Hill defeated Joseph Overstreet via submission with an excellent mix of technicality and aggression. UFC and WEC veteran, Kamal Shalorus, found himself in a controversial situation against two-time Masters’ world champion, Tim Dawson. Dawson was moving forward looking to engage but Shalorus continued to circle and back away; not looking for any takedown attempts of his own. Dawson would then pull guard, inviting Shalorus into his guard but that didn’t help kick off any action in the bout. Dawson would win via split decision.

Fight to Win Pro continues to build itself as one of the top promotions in the grappling industry. The state of Maryland welcomed the organization with open arms with some of the best talent available in the area and a night full of great matches. Fight replays are available on, and a few clips can be seen below.

Full Results

DJ Jackson defeated Gilbert Burns via unanimous decision.

Tim Spriggs defeated Leo Nogueira via split decision.

Jamil Hill defeated Joseph Overstreet via submission.

Talita Alencar defeated Aarae Alexander via split decision.

Maria Malyjasiak defeated Maia Matalon via submission.

Tye Murphy defeated David Porter via unanimous decision.

Kenneth Brown defeated Isaac July Jr via split decision.

Christopher Tran defeated Josh Peters via unanimous decision.

Colin Stewart defeated Cesar Parades via submission.

Matt Schellenschlager defeated Marcelo Mattos via unanimous decision.

Scott Dance defeated Daniel Keane via unanimous decision.

Kym Sturdivant defeated Jeffrey Manalansan via submission.

Josh Pike defeated Jared Chumley via submission.

Gary Gioni defeated Nicholas Frust via unanimous decision.

Vanessa Griffin defeated Brittney Elkin via submission.

Kelly Quinn defeated Derek English via submission.

Jon Delbrugge defeated Josh Weinstock via submission.

Tim Dawson defeated Kamal Shalorus via split decision.

Seth Daniels defeated Eric Modugno via submission.

Matteo Nunez defeated Josh Madison via unanimous decision.

Alexandra Coleman defeated Maggie Gharmry via unanimous decision.

Darren Costa defeated Charles Gamble via unanimous decision.

Tyler Murphy defeated Dakota Wader via submission.

Morgan Beverly defeated Laurie Porsch via submission.

Joseph Gilpin defeated Edwin Albino via unanimous decision.

Steven Robertson defeated Nicholas Lassalle via unanimous decision.

David Ortiz defeated Robert Hupman via submission.

Tadiyah Danforth defeated Jarrid Bosque via split decision.

James Dunn defeated Christian Hoffman via unanimous decision.

Joe McMahon defeated Piankhi Zimmerman via unanimous decision.