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UFC 217 video: Ricardo Ramos knocks out Aiemann Zahabi with incredible spinning elbow

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UFC 217 began with a knockout of the year contender, courtesy of Ricardo Ramos.

Fight Pass screenshot

If the ending to the first fight at UFC 217 is any indication of how Saturday night’s card will go, this might be one of the most incredible shows in UFC history.

In the final round of a closely contested bout between bantamweights Ricardo Ramos and Aiemann Zahabi, Ramos unleashed one of the most ferocious spinning attack knockouts you’ll ever see. He caught Zahabi with one spinning elbow, then the very next one put him out cold.

Watch the video below:

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of the finish:

Round 3 - Ramos with a switch kick. Zahabi with a jab. Ramos misses with a head kick. Ramos jab is effective. Big uppercut from Zahabi. Right hook from Zahabi. Zahabi with a right and a head kick. Ramos with a spinning elbow and Zahabi is out cold! Holy cow!

Ricardo Ramos defeated Aiemann Zahabi by KO (spinning elbow), round 3

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