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UFC 217 video: Michael Bisping calls Georges St-Pierre a ‘drug cheat’ after staredown

Watch the UFC 217 staredown between Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping.

Bisping, St-Pierre, staredown Esther Lin

During the UFC 217 ceremonial weigh-ins, headliners Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre faced off. The middleweight champion was still talking smack and grabbing on his opponent’s arms, while GSP mostly just laughed everything off.

When Bisping took the mic, he hurled off more profanities to the fans, and yet another PED accusation at his opponent.

“Georges is a f—ng pussy, that’s my thoughts,” Bisping told Joe Rogan. “Oh you guys booing, unlucky motherf—kers because tomorrow night, that f—ng pussy is going down.”

“4 years, he steps away. He’s a drug cheat. He’s a pussy, and tomorrow he’s going to be a loser. Boo me? F—k you!”

It’s these types of profanity-filled rants that led St-Pierre to call him a “very angry person” who gets in confrontations with numerous people — including fellow UFC 217 fighter Jorge Masvidal (twice).

Watch the clip of the staredown and the subsequent interviews with both headliners below.