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UFC 217 prelim results & highlights: Vick TKO’s Duffy, Harris gets DQ’d, OSP scores head kick KO

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Check out the results and highlights from the televised prelims, as James Vick stopped Joe Duffy with strikes in the 2nd, Walt Harris got disqualified, and OSP head kicked Corey Anderson to sleep.

MMA: UFC 217-Anderson vs Saint Preux Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

On the televised portion of the UFC 217 prelims, James Vick scored a massive TKO buzzer beater win over Joseph Duffy in the closing moments of the second round. Mark Godbeer picked up a disqualification win over Walt Harris due to Harris connecting with a head kick, after the referee called time due to a low blow foul. Ovince Saint Preux showed up big time, as he overcame the pressure of Corey Anderson to realize an incredible head kick knockout in the 3rd round. Randy Brown showed off a bit of a ground game as he picked up a unanimous decision over the previously undefeated Mickey Gall.

Preliminary Card :

James Vick def. Joseph Duffy by TKO at 4:59 of round 2 : Lightweight

These taller lightweights came out throwing heat, with Duffy pressing forward going high and low with his punches. Vick found a bit of success with faking the knee and coming over the top with punches. Duffy picked up a takedown with about a minute left in the round, but Vick wasted no time in returning to his feet.

Vick came out behind his jab to start the second frame, while Duffy hung around on the outside. Duffy was letting Vick get off first as he was looking for the counter shot, and the output of Duffy began to dwindle down a bit. Vick found success with a heavy leg kick that seemed to affect the movement of Duffy, and as the second round was coming to an end, Vick drops Duffy with an uppercut and follows up with some mean ground strikes to get the finish just before the bell sounds. Fun!

Can James Vick get a Top-15 opponent already?

Mark Godbeer def. Walt Harris by Disqualification at 4:29 of round 1: Heavyweight

Harris marched forward throwing his patented punch-kick combos, before changing levels and scoring a takedown. Walt worked his ground game as he unloaded some ground strikes from the full guard of Godbeer, before transitioning to the half guard. Harris landed an inadvertent low blow, and as the referee called time, Harris threw a head kick on the retreating Godbeer. As a result, the fight was called off and ruled a disqualification.

You be the judge:

Ovince Saint Preux def. Corey Anderson by KO (Head Kick) at 1:25 of round 3: Light Heavyweight

The light heavyweights came out swinging to open up the bout, but Anderson was quick blast a take the fight tot he mat, and with authority. OSP struggled to find separation as Anderson was all over him, landing knees on the inside and punches on the brief breaks. OSP did find open space in the final minute, and dropped Anderson with a left hand just as the round ended.

OSP landed a massive head kick to open the second round, but the mouthpiece went flying and the referee halted the action so that he could replace it. When the action resumed, Anderson closed the distance and secured a takedown, staying all over OSP like he did in the 1st round.

Anderson seemed to be finding his groove there in the 3rd round, but OSP had an ace up his sleeve. OSP launched the perfect southpaw head kick that flattened Anderson without any need for a follow up. Eek!

Check out this lethal head kick KO from OSP:

The 2nd round taught us a bit about foreshadowing:

Randy Brown def. Mickey Gall by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 29-27): Welterweight

Gall seemed really uncomfortable on the feet to start off, as Brown came forward looking to strike. Brown shoved his foe up against the cage, and landed a few knees to the skull of Gall. To Joe Rogan’s surprise, Brown took Gall down to the ground and racked up a bit of top control, and a little G & P elbow’s to boot.

Brown picked up an early takedown to start the second stanza, but Gall quickly reversed the position, found himself in the guard of Brown. Gall scrambled his way into side control, but Brown did a sound job of regaining full guard. Gall made his way back to side control, leaving his opponent defensive for almost the entire round.

Gall shot in on Brown to open the final frame, but ate an uppercut on his way in. Brown followed up with a flurry of ground and pound that split the wig of Gall, before taking up residency in the full guard. Gall got away with multiple fence grabs, and used such illegal move to go for a Guillotine from his guard, but Brown was wise to it, escaped, and dropped a few more bows for good measure. Brown went on to pick up the unanimous nod, as he handed Gall his first professional loss.

Look how Brown had the gall to make Gall bleed his own blood: