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Jose Aldo says he might leave Holloway fight ‘dead, but with the belt’

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Jose Aldo talks about his upcoming bout against featherweight champion, Max Holloway.

MMA: UFC 200-Aldo vs Edgar
Jose Aldo
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

As his big rematch for the UFC featherweight title approaches, Jose Aldo feels more confident than ever he’ll be able to win the belt from the last man who took it from him, Max Holloway.

As Aldo told Combate, he’ll come into the fight with a newly found motivation, that’ll ultimately make the difference, as he believes.

“I tried to rework my concepts. I went to America and trained boxing with nobody else, I wanted to suffer again, feel it all and light up that fire again. I went after that itch, I found my will to fight again, and now I’m back. You can be sure I’m going to to give my best from start to end. They’ll have to pull me out dead from there. Dead, but with the belt.”

Aldo’s signature powerful kicks weren’t too present the first time he and Max Holloway met and many pundits felt like that played a huge factor in Aldo’s defeat. This time around, Jose guarantees he’ll focus heavily on using that weapon.

“It’s going to be a striking match. That’s the way it is. All I did during this training camp was kick. When I heard I was fighting him, I started drilling my kicks. I hope at least a little bit of what I trained can come to fruition in the fight. We’ll chop that tree down.”

Jose Aldo will meet Max Holloway at UFC 218, on December 2, in Detroit, Michigan.