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Jose Aldo: Expect ‘best kickboxing and Muay Thai’ against Max Holloway at UFC 218

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Jose Aldo promises better striking in his upcoming rematch against Max Holloway at UFC 218.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

One noticeable factor during Jose Aldo’s first fight against Max Holloway at UFC 212 in June was the absence of his trademark kicks. It was later revealed by Nova União’s head coach Andre Pederneiras that Aldo suffered a leg injury, which was why he had not been kicking as much even during the Frankie Edgar fight at UFC 200 last year.

Entering his rematch against Holloway this weekend at UFC 218, Aldo says he is healed from injury and is ready to bring back the striking prowess that he is known for.

“They can expect the best kickboxing, the best Muay Thai,” Aldo said during a recent media day in Rio de Janeiro (via MMAjunkie). “I’m going for it all the time. I want to kick a lot in this fight. I want to lay hands, too. Everything I’ve learned recently, I want to go in there and I want to implement it.”

Pederneiras revealed that Aldo had spent some time in the United States to sharpen his boxing skills and that he was already in good shape, which made it easier for them to step in as a replacement for the injured Edgar. Apart from being in better condition, Pederneiras adds that Aldo is also a lot more motivated this time around.

“When you take someone’s best weapon, and you give it back to them, it’s certainly going to make a difference,” Pederneiras said during the same media day.

“I think he’s a lot more motivated for this fight than he was for the previous one. Not to take away from his opponent, but fighting for a belt, with the person who beat you? He’s ready.”

UFC 218 takes place on Saturday, December 2nd, at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.