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Paulina Granados: If Kyra Batara is Combate’s Ronda Rousey ‘I’ll be Holly Holm’

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Friday’s Combate Americas 19 headliner Paulina Granados spoke with Bloody Elbow about her bad blood with Kyra Batara.

Now training out of Alliance MMA, under the likes of Dominick Cruz and Jeremy Stephens, Paulina Granados is set to headline the upcoming Combate Americas 19 fight card. The 29-year-old ‘Firefox’ will face off with submission ace Kyra Batara this Friday night in San Antonio, Texas.

Granados is 2-0 under the Combate Americas banner, and with a win over Batara, she will move on to face Lisbeth Lopez Silva for the promotion’s inaugural 105 pound title. Before her marquee matchup on Friday, Granados caught up with Bloody Elbow to discuss her Copa Combate trip to Cancun, her move to Alliance Training Center, and what she has in store for Batara.

Friday’s Combate Americas 19 main card will air live on Telemundo at 12:00 A.M. ET/11:00 P.M. CT with the prelims streaming online.

  • How was your trip to Cancun, Mexico for the Copa Combate tournament?

“It was really fun. I mean I was out there still training and stuff, so I didn’t really get to like experience the whole like spring breaky sort of vibe that Cancun has. It was fun training on the beach, and being there for Copa Combate was amazing. I’ve never witnessed something like that before, so it was really cool to be a part of it and have front row seats. Seeing those guys throw down, multiple times, against different people was badass.”

  • Would you want to to compete in a women’s atomweight tournament?

“Hell yeah, I would do that. I mean, if $100,000 is on the line, you better put my name down. The way we train out here at Alliance, we spar like multiple rounds, so it’d be like the same thing, just a different setting. It’s something I got kind of used to out here. We train hard and I’m accustomed to sparring multiple rounds, so doing a tournament would be amazing.”

  • Cancun witnessed Lisbeth Lopez Silva stop Shelia Padilla with strikes in the 2nd round of their bout; what was your take on the fight?

“It was a really good fight. Lisbeth, she’s a savage. She’s young, she’s hungry, and she goes in there to fight. Like, she doesn’t play around. It was a really nice fight to watch, and I would be super stoked to share the cage with her.”

  • Rumor has it, the winner of Paulina Granados vs. Kyra Batara will face Lisbeth Lopez Silva for the inaugural 105 pound title; is that the deal?

“It’s not even a rumor. It’s true! It’s happening! It’s going to be like USA vs. Mexico.”

  • In your last outing you picked up a hard fought split decision win over Jenna Serio back at Combate Americas 9:

“It was crazy. I got like 2 takedowns in the beginning, but I kind of felt like she was beating me a little bit to the punches, and I was countering a lot more. In the 2nd round, actually like within 45 seconds of the 2nd round, I felt her power in her straight right. She hit me right in my left eye, and I just remember everything going like white for like a split second, and everything just, was double. That’s why I just kept grabbing her, keeping her close, and taking her down because that’s where I felt safe. My body went into almost like survival mode.”

  • Broken bones:

“Turns out, my orbital was fractured. I went to the hospital after that, and I had a fractured orbital. So, it was cool to experience that because now I know, like okay I’ve got instinct to survive.”

  • Your fight with Serio was back on October 14, 2016; is the orbital fracture what has kept you on the sideline?

“Yaah, the orbital thing kept me out for 6 months, but then after that, they just kept pushing my fight back. I’m not sure why that happened, but I’m fighting now so it’s cool.”

  • Campbell McLaren has called Kyra Batara the Ronda Rousey of Combate Americas

“Well I’ll be Holly Holm then haha.”

  • Thoughts on your Combate Americas 19 main event matchup with Batara?

“She keeps telling herself I’m a scrub. I guess because she’s trying to fool her mind, but she knows damn well I’m going to be probably the hardest person she’s going to fight. I never back down; I never give up. I go in and I throw frickin’ haymakers. I don’t think she’s going to be expecting that. I’ve been working a lot on my footwork, a lot on my feints. I’m going to drag her into my right hand, and give her a hook to the dome.”

  • Batara is known for her slick submissions; are you willing to go to the ground with her?

“People don’t know, I have a pretty slick submission game, too. I just prefer to fight standing; people like to see that. Like, I’m Mexican. I’m a freakin’ crazy brawler. I have submissions, too, I just don’t talk about it. I got videos on YouTube of getting ankle locks on people in submission tournaments, and rear naked chokes, but I never talk about it.”

  • How do you see the fight playing out?

“We’ll see what happens. It just all depends on what Kyra is going to do. It’s going to show me what gameplan I’m going to use. If she’s decides to be her crazy brawling ‘looking for a takedown’ Kyra, then I got something for her there. If she’s going to stand back a little bit and wait for me, then I’ve got something for her there, too.”

  • Making the move to Alliance Training Center in Sand Diego, California:

“I felt like I wasn’t being challenged enough at my hometown gym. Corpus Christi, it’s not really a small town, but the MMA community is small. I wasn’t being challenged enough there. That’s why I moved to Alliance Training Center after that fight [Tessa Simpson], because I wanted to be a little fish in a big sea. Training under guys like Dominick Cruz, Jeremy Stephens, and I train with Bec Rawlings and all them, and Angela Hill. It really taught me a different level of martial arts, because I went from being the big dog, or whatever, in a small gym, to a small fry at Alliance and getting beat up everyday until I learn.”

Watch Paulina Granados take on Kyra Batara at Combate Americas 19, this Friday night, on December 1, 2017. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for all of your MMA event coverage including interviews, results, highlights, and more!