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Michael Bisping was ‘enjoying’ himself up until brutal KO loss at UFC Shanghai, vows to continue fighting

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It’s going to take more than a knockout loss at UFC Shanghai to make Michael Bisping retire.

UFC Fight Night: Bisping v Gastelum Photo by Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

It’s no secret that former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping wants to retire on home soil.

The Brit stepped up on short notice to take on 26-year-old contender Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Shanghai, just three weeks after losing the title to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217.

Bisping, who was choked unconscious by St-Pierre at New York’s Madison Square Garden, was brutally knocked unconscious by Gastelum at just 2:30 of the first round.

Yet, despite calls for retirement from his friends and family, ‘The Count’ has vowed to continue fighting and said he was enjoying himself in the Octagon up until Gastelum landed a devastating one-two combination.

“I just wanna say congratulations to Kelvin Gastelum,” Bisping told Jon Anik in the post-fight interview. “Job well done tonight. Thank you all for being here, I hope you all enjoyed it. I was enjoying myself; he caught me with a good shot. God bless Kelvin - he’s young. I’ve done this for a long time, man. I’m getting old.

“Kelvin’s a great guy, but unfortunately it’s gonna take a bigger pile of sh-t than him to get rid of me,” Bisping said jokingly when asked about retirement.

It’s likely that Bisping, 38, will end his storied career at the upcoming UFC Fight Night event in London, England. No fights have been announced, but the event has been scheduled for March 17 at the O2 Arena.