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Sonnen talks ‘love’ for Covington, McGregor’s ‘scumbag move’ at Bellator 187

Chael Sonnen weighs in on some of the major newsmakers in MMA today.

Colby Covington has been under fire as of late, and for good reason. But surprisingly, there is one marquee-named fighter who is actually enjoying his antics.

On Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour, Bellator’s Chael Sonnen gave his props to how Covington has been playing the heel role.

“I love him,” Sonnen told Ariel Helwani (via MMA Fighting). “I think he’s a ton of fun and what Werdum did was a scumbag move. This is the second time Werdum has done this, don’t forget. Last time we saw him get into somebody, it was 155-pound Tony Ferguson. It was just really weird. That’s my piece on that.”

“As far as Colby goes, listen, if you wanna make an omelet you’ve got to crack a few eggs. I remind you, I know Tyron Woodley since way back when and I saw Tyron do that same thing.”

“Tyron was a guy that wanted to climb the mountain and wouldn’t let anyone stop him,” Sonnen added. “Colby is just doing the same thing. I don’t think anybody could judge Colby in some kind of unfair light. He’s got his own approach.”

Sonnen did agree that Covington’s gay slur was out of line, but he generally sided with his fellow Oregon native.

“I agree with you about the slur, that’s the one part that I was like, ‘ugh,’ but he was also just assaulted,” Sonnen said. “I don’t know if one washes out the other, but I think it should be taken into consideration.”

While he did give props to Covington, he was also vocal about his displeasure towards Conor McGregor’s behavior at Bellator 187.

“He should be sanctioned,” Sonnen said. “It was a scumbag move on multiple levels and I think it was made worse by not apologizing for it and saying I’m a scumbag trying to double down. It was just a bad look.”

“The cool side of it, Conor loves his teammate,” he continued. “Conor wanted to celebrate with his teammate. I thought that was a cool thing. He’s stayed passionate, the guy was always passionate and true to his team, his coaches and his gym.”

“But as far as a guy coming into the ring assaulting a referee, pushing him into a concussed fighter, slapping MJ — something has to happen. It was bad.”

Sonnen’s next fight will be against fellow former UFC veteran Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at the first round of Bellator’s heavyweight grand prix. It is scheduled to take place at Bellator 192 on January 20th in Inglewood, California.